Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early Intervention by Parents and Schools Can Make ABA Therapy More Successful

For parents with autistic children, dealing with school systems can often be a nightmare. Simply put, many of today's schools are underfunded, and as a result, many teachers and guidance counselors are undereducated when it comes to understanding how to treat children with autism spectrum disorder. No matter where the cycle begins, however, placing blame on schools offers little benefit. Instead, it is up to parents and schools to work together to provide ABA therapy for students who have been diagnosed with ASD. Studies show that the earlier the treatment is started, the more successful it will be.

Treating autism spectrum disorder using ABA therapy is shown to be the most effective method possible. There are more than three decades of studies that have been done on ABA, both through the government and through independent researchers. The one thing the studies have in common is that they show that ABA, especially when introduced early, can greatly improve a child's ability to learn, react, and thrive within a social or classroom setting. Better still, the skills learned through ABA will stay with the child for the rest of their life.

For schools that cannot afford to send all of their educators and guidance counselors off for special training, there are still options. In fact, a well designed DVD course can provide teachers with all that they need to properly administer ABA therapy. The courses, when offered along with necessary materials such as data sheets, picture cards, and other items, can help teachers learn the most important parts of providing ABA therapy as well as how to integrate it into their teaching style. So often, children with autism are forced to simply sit in the back of a special needs classroom when they are capable of so much more.

A DVD course that helps educators learn to provide ABA therapy can be an integral part of learning for children with ASD. These courses enable teachers to begin providing therapy as soon as the child enters the school system. Repeated studies show that ABA is more successful in younger children, and that early intervention provides the most successful outcome rate. With this in mind, and with the availability of well designed, professional DVD courses known, the only question is why you haven't talked to your school system about using these classes to help teach your child or other children with autism spectrum disorder.

Garrett Butch is the father of a 6 year old with autism and the founder of Maximum Potential Group.

Maximum Potential has developed courses that train parents and school systems how to work with children with autism.


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