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Autism Spectrum - Know The Facts

Autism is a developmental disorder that can affect the way that the individual communicates as well as socializes. In addition, there are also language skills as well as motor skills involved. A child with autism spectrum may have high IQ's or they may be mentally disabled. People with autism can be very talkative or they may be silent, very affectionate or completely distant, very organized or very disorganized. There are so many autism spectrum disorders and a wide variety of symptoms accompany them too.

Because parents are more aware of autism spectrum who is more at risk of developing autism? Boys are more at risk for developing autism than girls are. If a child has a twin, chances are the other twin will also develop some degree of autism spectrum.

There are many different symptoms of autism and they each react differently on every individual. While two people may have the same symptoms, they will not have the same degree of symptoms. People are not able to predict how mild or severe autism symptoms will be.

Autism is usually discovered around the age of two but it can have an impact on a child as early as infancy. When a child doesn't develop through the age appropriate milestones like they should this may be an indication that something is not completely right and must be checked out by the doctor. Developmental milestones are simply a way that doctors and health care professionals along with parents can determine if their child is on the right track. If by the age of two a child is not talking or doesn't socialize properly then you may want to have him or her tested to see if they do have autism.

When a child suffers from autism spectrum disorders there are various social skills that may make up the severity of the disease. A person with autism may become completely withdrawn in a crowd while others may feel intimidated by large crowds but function fine in a classroom setting. Most autistic children will not make any eye contact while others can make eye contact to a teacher or parent but not to strangers.

Autism is misunderstood and can be passed off as behavioral problems however when it is diagnosed it can be something that can improve with time. Be patient, learn what you can, and love the person with autism even if you think they don't want love; they need it.

Your child's doctor will know what to look for and can test your child to see if autism is a factor or not. If your child has autism then he or she can begin treatment immediately and can learn to live with this condition. It is also important that the family learn to live with autism just the same. There are many times that family feels at fault for the condition however this does not help the child. It is only beneficial to work with the child and the rest of the family to create a stable home environment where the child can feel safe.

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