Thursday, July 19, 2012

Linking Diet and Autism

It's no surprise that the numbers on obesity are exploding in this country with nearly 60% of the country heading that direction, and half of those people already being considered obese.
There is one other number that is also on the rise in this country as well, and that is Autism.
Autism is a disorder that affects the development of social and communication skills in children younger than 3. The causes are linked to biology, but not experts are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of this growing problem.
They speculate that the causes might be diet, digestive tract changes, mercury poisoning, the body's inability to use vitamins correctly, and vaccine sensitivity are all possibilities when it comes to this disease.
It has always been a problem, but in recent years that problem is starting to grow. Today, it is estimated that 1 out of every 88 people has Autism, that number up from the 1 in 252 people only a few years ago.
Autism much like obesity is a growing problem, and at the rate that each of them seem to grow it would appear that they are tied together, and the experts have already begun trying to directly link the two of them together.
Is there a link between diet and Autism?
If we take a step back and look at some foods that create other problems in the digestive tract we might be able to narrow the gap on the research.
One food group that already creates problems in the digestive tract is breads and grains. Breads and grains, more commonly gluten, is difficult to digest for those with Celiac disease- a disease that destroys the hair-like follicles in the small intestine that interfere with the absorption of nutrients.
Breads and grains are also very highly inflammatory causing joint pain throughout the body, but that inflammation starts in the digestive tract. That inflammation can also happen in the brain decreasing brain function opening you up to potentially larger problems.
One other food group that some people have a difficult time digesting is dairy. Lactose intolerance is also not uncommon today as well. Lactose is a sugar that is commonly found in dairy products, and those suffering from lactose intolerance don't create an enzyme in the digestive tract that helps break down that sugar. Symptoms of this usually shows itself with abdominal cramps, gas, and bloating.
The case can still be made that there is a direct link between autism and diet. All three of those diseases have ties to the abdominal tract and what flows through there.
Whatever the cause may be, it seems that everything can be tied directly to the diet no matter how poor or how good it may be. It all just proves the line "you are what you eat."
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