Thursday, October 18, 2012

ABA Therapy Works Best When Everyone is on Board

In the child's life is on the same page can be the only way to help make education easier. Many autistic children have significant difficulty learning even basic tasks and concepts, and receiving different instructions at home and at school can make things frustrating. Children in these situations need to undergo the same steps every time they complete a process, and ensuring that teachers, guidance counselors, and parents are all on the same page is important.
ABA therapy is one of the most famed and well respected treatments in the world for autism. It is the only form covered by most state insurance plans, as well as many private plans. The reason for this is simple- it works. ABA therapy has been subjected to rigorous testing time and again, and at the end of the day it is still the only treatment for autism that is shown to truly work. When parents and teachers are offering the same tasks and lessons, however, it can be much more effective than receiving ABA at home or school alone.
The way ABA therapy works is by breaking every task or concept into small, easy to understand steps. These steps are practiced and rehearsed until they can be repeated without prompting. Over time, the steps are put together until they become a complete task, action, or concept. This process relies a great deal on memorization in the beginning, but over time teaches understanding of the underlying concept and action. Breaking tasks into these simple steps can make it easier for kids to learn tasks such as hair or tooth brushing as well as concepts such as why it rains or how to get a haircut.
At the end of the day, ABA therapy is shown to be most effective when being taught by educators and parents alike. The therapy works to literally help rewire the brain, allowing for new neural pathways that can help relay information. When you have a child with autism, you will likely do anything to ensure that they get the best education possible. Understand that keeping teachers and educators on the same page is the best way to help your child learn, and make certain that you are working closely with your child's school to help them learn whatever is needed to allow them to function better in the classroom, the home, and the world.
Garrett Butch is the father of a 6 year old with autism and the founder of Maximum Potential Group.
Maximum Potential has developed courses that train parents and school systems how to work with children with autism.
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