Monday, May 6, 2013

Should Suspected Autistic Infants Be Given Iron Supplements?

You may not realize it but one in 88 children which are born in the United States now have autism. One mother told me that if this were any other medical issue or a disease, people would be outraged, and demand more research trying to figure out how to stop it, what causes it, or how to prevent it. Yes, I agree with her. Further, there are so many theories as to what causes it, or if it is just another evolutionary step for humankind, as our biological system works out the details as our brains are required to do more to survive, and to ensure that humans procreate in the future.
If there are smarter people having more babies because they can afford to, and people who are less intelligent having fewer babies because they cannot economically afford them, then we have a dynamic shift in who gets born to which families. If those families which have intelligent mothers and fathers have more complex brain biological features, then perhaps this could be an evolutionary issue, one that can be disrupted by other problems such as environmental issues, or maybe those brains need more in the way of certain types of nourishments as they are forming.
Of course, there are enough theories behind all of this speculation that it could drive someone nuts just plotting and all, but when you chart out all the different theories, it seems they do have at least some common themes. Recently there was a meeting of international researchers in Spain, a conference on autism.
After which, there was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal recently titled; "Autism Linked to Environmental Factors - New Studies of Air Pollution, Pesticides and Iron Bolster Evidence Tying Developmental Does Order to Influence His in Womb," by Shirley S Wang. The article stated amongst other things that;" one presentation suggested that iron supplements before an early in pregnancy may lower the risk, and a third suggested some association between use of various household insecticides and a higher risk of autism."
Sure, all of this does make sense because autism is caused by a change in brain formation and development. Of course, after the child is born the brain is still developing, so is there a way to make up for it, or some of it, and if so what if we gave on iron supplements to those children after they were born if they were suspected to have autism? Do our baby foods lack iron? Does mother's milk lack it due to diets? What causes a lack of iron?
These are questions I dare to ask, and I think we need more studying here. Since the US government is funding more brain research, how about it? How much would cost to do the study?
There are some mothers who are already giving supplements to their children, including iron supplements, or have them on specific diets which may contain more iron than other types of diets. It's just a matter of looking at statistics. Well, I hate to add more speculation and theories to all those already presented, but I wonder if anyone knows the answers to the questions I proposed this article. Please consider all this and think on it.
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