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Is Your Baby Autistic - Factors Which Are Responsible

"But the Beast was a good person... the Prince looked on the outside the way the Beast was on the inside. Sometimes people couldn't see the inside of the person unless they like the outside of a person. Because they hadn't learned to hear the music yet" this quote could be synonymous with the current condition of any autistic child. They are beautiful souls but they fail to become likeable in mainstream society because of the way they are on the outside. But there has been a steady wind of change flowing smoothly that prompts people to change their perspective towards these autistic bunch of people. And needless to say that this change has been very welcoming specially for parents who have autistic kids.
Autism a disease?
Gone are the days when autism was considered a disease, all thanks to the advancement that medical science has made in the last couple of years autism is no longer a disease today that has no clinical treatment. Today autism is considered to be a disorder that happens due to some neurological disbalance which has a cure in the field of medical science. Autism affected people find it difficult to fit into any social gathering because the nerves that allows to interact, communicate and socialize with people gets affected the most. But is it really the fault of the children that they were autistic? They did not choose to be autistic they were born that way. So let them not face the brunt of it any longer because they deserve a lifestyle and a childhood as normal and fun-filled like ours.
Tracing the roots of autism
It is important that we try to trace back the factors that lead to autism. Parents need to be aware that autism is a neurological disorder and must do their bit in trying to protect their child from factors that are responsible for autism as early as when they have already conceived the baby and it's growing in their womb. So here is a quick look at some of the most critical factors that results in kids born as autistic:
  • Air pollution has grown up to be one of the rising factors that are responsible for autism. The air that a mother expecting a baby breathes in is obviously shared with the child in the womb and if that air is polluted then the chances of the baby having autism becomes 50% more.
  • Autism as a disorder is also genetic in nature. In this case you cannot really blame anybody but your own genes if your child suffers from autism. This is the most unfortunate case because the situation is not in your hand and you cannot control it.
  • Parents also play a crucial factor and contribute to a large extent if the child is born autistic. Parents keeping good health is a must while planning a baby because any health disorder affects the child resulting in autism. This kind of ill-health could be diabetes or even a bad immunity system. The major health contribution comes from the mother and it is extremely important for her to maintain a strong immunity system with no severe health issue that might have an adverse impact on the child.
  • The trending lifestyle of today's parents can also be responsible for a child to be born autistic. In today's time and age young couples give a lot of priority to their careers having little or no time to plan for a baby and when they do they are already late in terms of age. Planning for a baby at quite a late age is also an important factor that increases your chances of having an autistic baby. So to secure the future of your child it is important that you keep your career as a back burner and do the needful to give a better life to your child.
You must keep these things in mind because your child is your biggest asset and you would not want anything to go wrong for your baby. So do what it takes to see the twinkle in your child's eye that would lit up your life more than a thousand twinkling stars.
All it takes is to widen our perspective and think these special children are autistic-ally beautiful. It is time for people to realize that autism awareness is not important but autism acceptance is.
Allen Wood share his views at some of the most critical autism factors that are responsible for a baby born as autistic. He want to raise awareness among peoples realise that autism awareness is not important but autism acceptance is.
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