Monday, July 12, 2010

Autism is Treatable and in Some Cases Reversible

For over a decade now I have been a physician who has been working with thousands of children and families across the United States as well as all over the world, helping them implement a biomedical approach for the treatment of Autism. I feel that it is important to point out a few key points to give you even more information about how to proceed and where to go. The internet is home to an overwhelming amount of information, some of the information is good, and some of the information is not good. When researching biomedical Autism treatments, you may get some contradictory information concerning diet, you may get contradictory information with regards to supplements and you may get contradictory information in regards to testing.

This may not be news to you, you may have already had conflict working with your pediatrician, you may have had conflict with your neurologist, you may have even had conflict with your psychologist or psychiatrist. Each person is looking at the situation from their standpoint, has their own level of expertise and has their own opinion on biomedical interventions for Autism. However, what I want you to know is that Autism CAN be treated and in many case, Autism can be reversed. Some children who are considered recovered from Autism have lost their diagnosis of Autism and are fully mainstreamed in school. That does not mean that every child will be recovered. There is no guarantee of what will work for each child.

Some kids are going to have a certain level of improvement and then there will also be a certain level of non-improvement that occurs, this happens with any patient regardless of what type of health condition you are working with. If someone has heart disease, if someone has cancer, if someone has diabetes, if someone has chronic fatigue and of course, if someone has Autism, you will see these levels of improvement and also of non-improvement. But it was important for me to let you know that Autism can be treated and even reversed in many cases. The first step is to take the first step and become informed, open your mind, seek information like the information that I have on this website and also other resources. There is hope, there is much you can do for your child, there is certainly much to learn but that also means there is a lot to implement for your child.

Autism really is treatable! Biomedical Autism treatments and therapies have resulted in many, many children improving, or even even losing their autism-spectrum disorder diagnosis. For lots more free biomedical autism intervention information and videos from Dr. Woeller, go to

Dr. Kurt Woeller is an biomedical autism Intervention specialist, with a private practice in Southern California for over 10 years. He has helped children recover from autism, ADD, ADHD, and other disorders, and has the information you need to help your child. Download his free ebook at

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