Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Relationship Between Five Senses And Children With Aspergers

Children with Asperger's syndrome are very sensitive to the physical world around them. The usual day-to-day sights and sounds that a normal person deals with are sometimes too much for a kid with aspergers to handle. Sensitivity of the five senses is not considered by doctors to be an "official symptom" that children with aspergers have.

Children with aspergers have complained that they can hear noises that others might not, like the buzzing of fluorescent lights. Their minds are not quite able of filtering out what will usually be considered a background noise, making it hard for them to concentrate or keep up with a discussion. Loud noises seem to cause physical pain and because of this, many children with aspergers can't enjoy a place like a public pool, movie theater or video arcade.

Several of these kids have extremely sensitive taste and smell receptors and they find themselves falling back on them. Their sense of smell tends to be sharp and they're able to tell who somebody is simply by their unique body odor. Unfortunately, this heightened sense of smell could even cause them to get nauseous easily and they have a tough time coping with places that have heavy odors. The sense of taste too is elevated, which is why many children with Asperger's will eat a limited number of food and have to be careful doing small things like brushing their teeth so they do not get sick.

The sense of touch in children with Asperger's could be heightened or diminished. These kids would be able to wear only certain kinds of clothing to be comfortable if their skin is very sensitive. They may not like to work with particular materials or they may not be able to handle simply being touched by some other person. Those children that have a reduced sense of touch have problems feeling a change in temperature, pain or also a simple touch from another person.

Problems with vision are usually restricted to issues with specific colors, brightness and the content of pictures. Children with aspergers may relate colors as sounds, hearing the color in their mind. They'll look at things for too long or stand too close to items. If they're trying to find something, they may not realize its right in front of them. And most children with aspergers have a hard time making eye contact with other people.

Understanding how children with Asperger's see and relate to the world around them is vital. It aids others to deal with the unique challenges these children face and gives them the knowledge to aid the kids learn and work things out.
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