Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Are the Main Symptoms of Autism?

It's a fact that parents really can tell when something is off with a child, even though autism symptoms can be quite different in children. Also, to complicate matters, autism symptoms are the same as with other disorders; so it really is necessary to have a specialist examine your child. Today we'll talk about the more often-seen symptoms of autism, but do keep in mind that the symptoms vary and their expression can be different from child to child.

Our first discussion concerns (autistic) children who exhibit tantrum like behavior even when nothing is apparently wrong. Yet, tread carefully here because non-autistic children can sometimes do this, too.

If you're in doubt, based on that behavior and possibly others, then do have a chat with your doctor and seek professional guidance. Behavior is part of the mystery of autism because when the child all of a sudden is extremely angry, upset, or hysterical the parent is baffled as to why.

The thing to keep in mind is that behavior of autistic people is often not related at all the world as we know it, and therefore they don't react to the world as we would expect. In these extreme situations where the autistic child can actually pose a threat, then there is medicine that can be prescribed to manage the behavior.

Sometimes the symptoms of autism can be disturbing, as when a child engages in self-destructive behavior. Although not found in every autistic child, some will cause themselves injury by hitting themselves, banging their heads or inappropriately playing with dangerous objects. Autistic kids must have extra supervision. Sometimes medication or physical restraint is required to keep them from harming themselves.

Many autistic children with these tendencies are institutionalized, as their parents are unable to take care of their special needs. Because these symptoms can be present in normal children too it is a good idea to get an expert diagnosis.

Very many people are familiar with example of extreme talents observed in autistic people, and very frequently the talent is noticeable early in life. Maybe you have heard of the phrase, autistic savant? The range of talents can include musical ability, mathematical prowess, or highly skilled in painting.

In the past, before autism was understood, such people were often labelled "idiot savants," as they were thought to be of low intelligence apart from the one ability they had. The current understanding about autism is they possess normal intelligence, even higher than normal, yet something is wrong that causes them to process reality in a different manner than the rest of us. Mental retardation does occur in autistic children/adults, too, though. The impressive nature of autistic savants is they have not received any training at all in their specialties, it seems to be innate. What you have just read are the more often seen symptoms seen in children and adults with autism. The degree of expression is dependent on the seriousness of the affliction in any particular individual. Parents who observe symptoms of autism in their children should find out as soon as possible whether their child is autistic so the right treatment can be started.

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