Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Autism Symptoms and Cure in Children

Information related to autism in children reveals that one out of every one hundred and fifty children have this disease. Autism is a known neurological disorder which affects many vital abilities including attention, thoughts, interaction with others, and perception. Statistics show that children are at a far greater risk of having autism than adults. Early detection of autism symptoms in children is very important. Any further delay can mean crippling the child's future. A wide range of disabilities are covered under the term autism. These disabilities could range from mild to severe. Autism causes frustration in the patient as well as in the immediate spouses. There are no specific symptoms which can be directly linked to this condition and perfect clinical diagnosis or clinical tests that can identify the disease are non-existent as well. Doctors and physicians therefore rely on response of affected children to certain stimuli or random tests to lookout for signs of autism. A single cure of autism is still evading modern science and has yet to be invented.

Autism symptoms in children have to be detected at the earliest to best manage the disease and prevent further complications. Autistic children have difficulty in coming to terms with various situations in day to day life and as such are exposed to dangers most of the time. To overcome this, they are in need of special attention, treatment, and care together with love and have to be given enough confidence to build a sense of security. Researchers and scientists, in spite of making good progress in various aspects of treatments of the disease, are yet to find a sure cure of autism. There are many reasons behind this evasiveness of cure. For one, there is no fixed identifiable cause or causes for this disease. Secondly, not all individuals display the same symptoms for this disease. Thirdly, this disease cannot be diagnosed in true sense of the word. All these factors combine to make a single cure like vaccination difficult.

There are many medications available for treatment of autism available in the market. Autism natural treatment includes social treatment. Social treatment promotes interaction of autistic children with other children in a playgroup and socializing with them. This helps in gradual erosion of symptoms of autism and results in normalization of the child. Behavioral modification approach uses a technique of rewarding the child when displaying a good behavior and punishment in case of bad behavior. Natural environments are known to stimulate all the senses. Nature reduces stress and also stimulates the senses through images, sounds, and scents. Emotional, physical, and mental health of children affected by autism gets strengthened to a great extent through regular outdoor time. This boosts their immune system which helps alleviate symptoms of autism.

Nature therapy is a modern therapy designed to complement other autism therapies. Natural activities promote healing properties. Natural environments promote all the senses. New research promotes the soothing effects nature renders to autistic patients. Children with autistic disabilities benefit physically, emotionally, and psychologically by spending appropriate time in natural surroundings.

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