Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rethink Autism: Understanding Autism's Potential Causes and Therapies

The medical establishment & citizen community needs to rethink autism - everything from what is causing it and how to help the child recover naturally from this life-altering condition. Let's start right from understanding autism from the beginning: during vaccination programs, manufacturers add a mercury preservative called Thimersal or Thimerosal to the vaccines. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Practice never warn parents or practitioners that mercury was toxic until they were forced to. It is known for over sixty years that mercury is poisonous to cells.

Let's rethink autism as the current American immunization schedule calls for 48 doses of 14 vaccines before the children are 6 years old. Now consider one dose of vaccine to a 120 pound adult and that same dose to a 12 pound child of 2 months, which in body weight is equivalent to 10 doses. Where is the common sense in the rule?

Besides that, nobody can explain the explosion of severe autism in conjunction with increasing number of vaccinations. Are our current medical doctors currently even understanding autism?

Giving too many vaccines at a time put too much burden on a child's under-developed immune system. Again, let's rethink autism in another way. Besides the vaccine, individual compound like aluminum travels to the brain and enters the neurons and cells provoking inflammatory reaction.

Let's rethink autism that in fact most autistic people are overwhelmed by artificial and microbial toxins. List of toxins are as below:-

• Heavy metals like mercury and aluminum
• Viruses and microbes caused by poisonous microbes in an overwhelmed immune system
• Electromagnetic field (EMF) from cell-phones, WIFI and electrical wiring

Fortunately for many families who choose these natural recovery methods, there are a series of recommended supplements that have been used with successful results and promising improvements for those affected with not only autism, but also down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or other brain-related problems. Understanding autism and current natural therapies or protocols available can be overwhelming for some parents.

There are many diet and mineral supplement approaches that are currently showing to help families to recover their children with autism, to reduce symptoms of autism, therapies for autism, and understanding autism.

One family reported:

"At the end of three days, the mother can not stop crying by the result of the changes that we are witnessing. For the first time the child goes to his mother and gives her a hug.

These results are happening all over the world. Autism recovery is possible and the diagnosis does not need to be the end of a normal life forever.

Our motto is to Rethink autism in the 21th century, and let's educate to help families recover their children with ADD, ADHD, mild or severe autism!

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