Monday, June 13, 2011

Could Early Signs Of Autism Be An Indicator Of Playing With Unusual Toys?

What are unusual toys? I believe unusual toys are toys that are abnormal, unconventional or anything out-of-the-ordinary. These are toys your child is willing to use and play with as he or she chooses, because they think it is a toy. But is it a toy? Is it an indicator of signs of autism?

I remember when my brother was an infant, pre-school age, he was interested in playing and exploring with unusual toys and objects. Some of them were considered to be dangerous and not wise for his use.

My parents, and our neighbors thought this was out-of-the-ordinary, compared to other children his age.

As my brother developed, probably around his first birthday or later, our family noticed he would rock back and forth, stare into space, do repetitious spins, pace back and forth. He would look out of the corner of his eyes and not have direct eye contact with people. No interaction with baby rattles or toys.

I am now older, I look back on the history of my brother, who was not interested in playing with objects or toys compared to what other children felt they were comfortable with. In addition, playing with toys to fit their personalities and their genders. My brother was gravitating towards unusual toys and objects for his play time.

I have often thought, could this be an indicator of a child having autism, by not associating with the toys or objects that are considered to be the highlight of other children who do not have autism?

I felt I had to know more about this perplexing situation, regarding my brother playing with unusual toys. Could this be an indicator for early signs of autism?

The number of children at the present time being diagnosed with autism, has increased tremendously. I feel it is crucial to find out what the indicators of autism might be and what can be accomplished to assist with the signs.

I have learned, you can identify autism behaviors through the use of your child playing with unusual toys.

This does not necessarily mean that your child has autism because of the use of playing with unusual toys, but it can be an indicator for you to take into consideration.

Remember, researchers are constantly doing more studies on the possibilities that there are indicators pointing to children using unusual toys. These children, may be candidates to have early stages of autism.

You, as parent(s), caregiver(s), want to be on the alert for any suspicious, out-of-the-ordinary, playing with unusual toys or objects. This could be early signs of autism and may be an indicator or clue to have your child examined by a professional who is knowledgeable about autism.

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