Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meltdowns And Tantrums Can They Be Dealt With? Find Out

You are in the grocery store making a purchase and suddenly your child who has autism, displays the loudest tantrum you ever heard. There you stand in shock and with embarrassment from this outburst. Your child needs a meltdown. But how?

Has this ever happened to you? You know you must deal with this tantrum and give your child a meltdown.

Having a child who has the disorder of autism is extremely challenging, when an outburst of a tantrum occurs.

If you have other children or are aware of other children, who are not autistic, a high percentage of those children who are under five years of age, usually have tantrums and outbursts. But, these tantrums usually can be stopped or corrected.

When a child with the disorder of autism, displays tantrums, you want to calm him or her down with a meltdown.

It can be difficult and challenging to calm your autistic child down and control his or her behavior.

Before you decide to take your child out in public places, prepare yourself that tantrums might happen and you must give your child a meltdown to stop the aggression and frustration.

In addition, you need to understand why the tantrums are happening.

If a tantrum happens when you are in public, I found the best thing to do is to solve it. Try and communicate with your child by making firm eye contact and say the word "NO." Be very firm with that word.

If your child does not understand what "NO" means, try to use visual cards with pictures on them or create visual meaning, use expressions of signs and symbols, signals for your child to relate to. Such as the word calm down, quiet, not so noisy, do not push or shove, do not throw objects, no screaming, etc.

I have discovered if you know your child will have an outburst, try to distract your child from that problem.

There may be times when you will want to carry pictures, certain toys, music, books, stuffed animals to offer a diversion from the tantrums and outbursts.

I knew a mother who had a cart full of groceries and her child had a tantrum. She had no choice but remove her child and herself from the premises. She had to discipline and give her child a meltdown.

To solve tantrums and outbursts, you may have to stop what you are doing and let your child know, enough is enough, you as parent(s), caregiver(s), are in charge. His or her behavior must come to a halt. It must stop. A meltdown should be given.

In the future, if you find your child is having the tantrums and meltdowns when you are planning the same routine, evaluate what is causing his or her tantrums?

Try to analyze the cause and solve it before the meltdowns are needed.

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