Monday, September 12, 2011

Does Your Child Have Asperger Autism?

Has your child been diagnosed with Asperger Autism? There are many children who have this disorder and although it may be rough in the beginning it is possible to live with it from now on. Asperger autism is a developmental disorder that can make it hard for your child to interact with people including yourself. When a child is socializing, they may feel out of place and awkward, sort of like you do when you are put on the spot. This is just one of the symptoms of Asperger autism. Other symptoms include a routine that your child does not want changed and socialization skills.

Asperger autism is a disorder that lasts a lifetime. When a child with Asperger becomes an adult they may have more of an understanding about what they are feeling and what they need to do in order to function in the society. They may not be able to handle crowds of people to socialize but they may be able to socialize in a small group. They will also have a better time at communication. A child with Asperger can still talk after the age of two.

Symptoms of Asperger Autism include not relating to others, no interest in others, cannot make eye contact when speaking, loves to have a routine with no changing it, speaks with no high or low pitch in their voice, may be clumsy, display poor body gestures, and may have trouble riding their bike or balancing a certain way.

You will first notice a change in your child's behavior at an early age. You need to make an appointment to talk with your child's doctor first. He may order some tests that will help them understand the symptoms further and help come to a diagnosis of autism.

If your child is diagnosed with this particular autism, you will need to take a few classes as a family to help your child function as normally as possible and to help your family understand what Asperger is. Classes are forming all the time and your doctor's office can also help you locate them.

The autism doesn't have to control your family - you can control it. You need to figure out a routine that your child will be happy with and one that is interchangeable but he or she is still comfortable with. Don't allow them to control the family. Always provide a secure feeling in your home. Let them know that they are loved and they will feel accepted. Love is a large part of security and an integral part of the family life.

Asperger autism is similar to other forms of autism called the spectrum of autism. It includes Retts Syndrome. Each disorder or syndrome has their own sets of symptoms however one thing is the same, there is no cure. You have to learn to live with the syndromes and learn to function as best as you can. You are not alone as you deal with your child's Asperger's autism.

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