Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Treatment of Autism - The Importance of Supplements That Many People Overlook

Autism is kind of disorder that affects the social and behavioral skills of children. This syndrome usually manifests when the child is an infant, especially during his or her third birthday. The child with autism finds it difficult to communicate effectively and this is can be frustrating to those around, especially the parents.

The cause of autism has been attributable to many factors, though some of these have been controversial. For example, the issue that vaccination causes autism has been controversial since the report was made public. Also, in the past the term 'the refrigerator mothers' was coined to reflect the fact that bad parenting is one of the causes of autism in children. This has equally not gone down well with autism research.

There have been some treatment options administered to the autistic patient and some of the treatment options may include vitamins and nutritional supplements. This is not to say that nutritional supplements are the perfect treatment or cure for the syndrome. There are other medications, which the physician can prescribe for the child. Oral secretin and thylglycine, and niacin are some of the supplements that can be administered to the child with autism.

Many people who used such supplements on their autistic children insist that they discovered remarkable changes in the condition. That seems to be the reason why more parents are advised to use these supplements. But of course, before taking any supplement for autism, talk to your doctor to recommend the best one. Your doctor knows best about these and should be in the best position to tell you the specific types to give to your child.

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