Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aba Therapy Can Make A Difference For Children With Asd

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a particularly devastating disorder for many parents. While not medically dangerous, autism can make it hard for parents to communicate with children. Many autistic children do not even notice when their parents are in the room or speaking to them, which can be devastating for family members. For these parents, hope lies in a well researched treatment called ABA Therapy or Applied Behavior Analysis therapy.

ABA Training utilizes a very rigid and specific series of repetitive tasks and questions and reinforcements as well as rigorous data collection to help literally rewire the brains of autistic children. While most children learn simply by watching the world around them, children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, must be taught even the basics of behavior and critical thinking. ABA Therapy teaches these fundamentals while helping children develop a set of skills that will carry them through the rest of their lives and help make them more like their peers.
While it is widely accepted that early intervention is the most successful way to utilize ABA Training, beginning when a child is in their most formative years, the method is rather successful at any age. Early intervention increases the odds of recovery and helps get children on par with their peers early enough for them to reach milestones and educational goals at the same time. However, many children are diagnoses with ASD or begin treatment long after this period. Studies have shown time and again that ABA Therapy is still highly effective for behavior modification and learning therapy well into later childhood and adolescence.

ABA Therapy, while typically used to ready a young child to be entered into a school system with their peers, can also be used for a variety of other reasons. The behavior modification techniques employed in ABA Therapy can help prepare people with ASD for school, social situations such as parks, stores, and buses, and even for the working world. The therapy has applications in all social function and provides a great benefit to all who receive successful treatment.

In short, Autism Spectrum Disorder may be a hard diagnosis for parents, but there is a great deal of hope. With ABA Training, parents quickly find that their children can lead lives remarkably similar to those of their peers. While there is no cure for Autism, ABA Therapy offers a significant deal of hope. Until a cure is found, this is by far the best thing any parent can offer to both themselves and their child when faced with a diagnosis of an ASD.
By: G Butch
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Garrett Butch is the father of a 6 year old with autism and is the founder of Maximum Potential. MP's courses in ABA Therapy and ABA Training were developed by 2 PhD BCBAs to empower parents and school systems and to provide effective and affordable training for school systems and parents. Visit to learn more.

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