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Autism Therapy Methods

Until today, no real cure for autism has been detected. But an early and proper treatment could very much lessen the disruptive behavior and reduce the challenges parents and physicians deal with due to the disorder. An appropriate treatment might help autistic patients to learn, develop certain skills and get a specific rate of independency.

Autism can be treated by occupational therapy that tries to improve patient’s basic skills and functions like getting dressed on their own, bathing or eating alone. Body movements can also be helped by different physical exercises such as massaging.
A first step in the autism treatment is helping these children to modify and improve their behavior, which is usually lead by aggressiveness, repetitive and inappropriate actions. A new behavioral modification method is the Applied Behavior Analysis based on the main idea that patients are more likely to repeat a rewarded action than an ignored one. Autistic children are helped to learn hoe to sustain normal functions inside their environment.

The behavior modification methods deal with highly professional ways of inducing certain skills. All patients must learn how to react and behave in a society; every particular child needs a different therapy method according to his needs and interests. A full time intense care with a therapist and a caretaker is required for every single patient.

Most autistics cannot integrate senses and suffer either from a hypo- or from hyperactivity of the sensor integrating organs. Sensor therapy is usually performed by physical, occupational and speech therapists; they all must work together to erase wrong further accumulated sensor information and induce reorganized sensory knowledge.

In case of problems dealing with the touch sense, the autistic patient will be helped to learn working with different kind of materials and different textures. Listening to several sounds with different frequencies might help autistics integrate noises. Many autistic children suffer from a hyper-reactivity to sounds and even receive them as painful. Therapists must carefully observe and understand the sensor needs of the patient in order to establish an efficient treatment.

Autistic children are most often emotionally reduced and this estate affects also their social communication skills and desire. Therapists usually use a playing technique controlled by the child to help the improvement of their emotional development. Educational social stories are used to help patients understand their own feelings and manage with them. They are also taught to understand others ideas and points of view.

Another behavior modification method is the communication therapy to teach small children with autistic disorders how to develop their language and show elder patients how to use verbal communication. A sustained speech therapy could even help some of the children to use language to communicate with the others.

Autistic sufferers are taught hoe to express ideas, wishes or concerns by using pictures. The picture exchange communication system allows autistics to interact with others by pictures representing ideas, items or even activities.
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