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Autism Finding Could Lead to Simple Urine Test for the Condition

Determining that a child has autism is an important part of starting early treatment. When intervention begins early, children have better success rates and are more likely to act in relatively normal ways. The problem with autism diagnosis is that it is a long process that takes months to reach a final conclusion. While the current diagnostic tools are in the process of developing, new research suggests that it is possible to catch the problem earlier with a simple urine test.
Current Diagnostic Tools:
The current tools to diagnose autism are inefficient because the focus is excluding other potential problems. For example, doctors will test hearing to ensure that the problem with reacting socially is not related to an inability to hear.
While it is possible to diagnose autism at an early age, the process of making a final decision is about ruling out other options. It takes several months or even as long as a year to determine that children are struggling with autism and need treatment to improve their ability to function in normal society.
Gut Differences:
While current tools are limited, new research is making it possible to identify biological differences between children with autism and children without the condition. New research has identified differences in the gut that will provide more opportunities to accurately diagnose autism at an earlier stage when children might be able to improve social functioning.
The major difference in the gut is the metabolism, bacteria and elements involved in digestion. Children with autism have a different metabolic rate and bacteria in the body that breaks down food items. As a result, the components in a urine sample will differ and a simple urine test can identify autism.
Developing Tests:
Although experts understand that the gut of a child with autism is different from a child without the problem, tests are still in the developmental phase. Researchers are identifying different elements in the urine samples that will consistently provide positive results for autism.
Future Benefits:
Since current testing still follows traditional routes, the new tests will offer benefits for future generations. Parents and doctors will discover autism faster, which provides a higher chance of treatment success for high-functioning children.
The benefits are not limited to only the early treatment. Since the differences in the digestive system are being identified, it will lead to better treatment of digestive problems for autistic patients. Over time, the treatment options will improve and children will have fewer health problems associated with autism.
Research is making it possible to test for autism in the urine. By simplifying the process of identifying the problem, doctors are able to start treatment earlier and more children will successfully live in normal society. The benefit of early treatment and the ability to treat other common problems associated with autism will help parents and doctors keep the children as health and happy as possible.
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