Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Overcoming Obstacles Through Faith While Dealing With Autism

Whether you're currently dealing with a major health issue for you or your child or you're in the midst of treatment and recovery...are you feeling overwhelmed yet? If you aren't yet you likely will at some point. Why? Because any health challenge can weigh you down. Treatment and recovery, whether it's to lose weight with a new diet and exercise routine or learning that your child has 20 new food allergies to somehow eliminate from his / her diet, can take you down roads with major Michigan type pot holes. Proverbs 24:16 has been an inspiration to me, "For a just man falls seven times, and rises up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief [adversity, affliction]". So it's okay to fall we just have to be sure to get up again. Now that's the real question. How does one get back up?
Three ways I've found to lift me up when I've fallen down is by, seeking God each morning, transparency with trusted friends who will pray and bring me back into the light of hope, and acknowledging and confessing any bitterness I experience then thanking God for the issues I have before me knowing that all things work together for good. Sometimes just one of these can get you over the hump or bump. But sometimes it takes a few days and the combination of all of them to kick start your engine and get you back on the road again.
A few cautions, first be sure you are reading and receiving God's input more that you are dishing out your issues. Sometimes we talk (pray for ourselves) so much and miss hearing just what we need from God. Second, when speaking with friends, they must be on board with you and your journey to health and healing. Sometimes, it's newer friends who become your trusted ones as you run this race to health for you or your child. It's not that you ditch your other family and friends, it's simply that they may not understand and thus may hinder your progress especially when you are down. Surround yourself with those who are your cheerleaders and will lift you up to run the race before you. Then you can be who you need to be around your family and friends who may not understand but will eventually gain your respect as they see the progress you are making. Remember to keep your expectations from God and not others so you do not become bitter if those you think should be your support and understanding fail to fill that role. Lastly, acknowledging how easy it is to get caught up in the "why me" syndrome is important. For when you encounter challenges in health, especially ones that were a result of someone's mistake, especially with your child, it's easy to feel like a victim. However, Christ is our strength and our example during times like this. I rely on Proverbs 3:5-6, "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths."
Trusting also, that all things work together for good is vitally important to remember. For me, if my son had not been inflicted with Autism, severe enough to warrant institutionalizing, I never would have been motivated and embarked upon the journey I did to keep him out of an institution. This journey lead us to not only his recovery from Autism, but my own from Lupus no longer living with pain, lethargy, in and out of the hospital at times. Also, the recoveries for my other children from asthma, eczema, ADHD and allergies have been tremendous.
As we walk with the obstacles in our lives let's remember to overcome through the Lord rather than be overcome and without hope. It's not easy but nothing good and lasting ever is. However, the sweet victory in each step of progress is worth every bit of effort made. You will not regret pushing forward while running the race to the finish line. You can do it! Stay focused and remember, God first, Trusted friends, Defeat bitterness. You will win the race just don't give up.
Kristi Chrysler is a Motivational Speaker and certified Health Coach. She has helped her son in his Autism Recovery and has herself recovered fully from Lupus.
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