Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling Inadequate to Cope With Your Autistic Child?

You received the unexpected news that your child is now diagnosed with autism. You are stunned, shocked. Do you feel you are inadequate, to cope with this news? These feelings you have are normal. Do not allow them to have power over you, or let them stop you from moving forward in a healthy direction.

Use your feelings and thoughts by directing them to build a future. There will be challenges, but you need to keep on keeping on. Remember, you will get through the challenges of bringing your child up in a healthy environment. Each day it will become easier to cope, and you will realize you are not inadequate to do it.

You will not be able to control the news that your child is diagnosed with autism, but you can control what happens to him or her. You are in charge to make good choices. By doing this, you will become stronger to cope, and gain positive strength that will prevent you from feeling inadequate.

If you feel you are inadequate to cope with the news that your child has been diagnosed with autism, find other parent(s), caregiver(s), who share similar feelings, and network with them, talk about your feelings, and how you can learn, and grow to make them become positive.

I remember, when my brother had his disorder it became painful to me, especially when I became a teenager. I felt inadequate, I could not cope. I was so concerned about what my friends would think, how could I have them over for a pizza party, how could I explain to my friends that my brother was not one of us. He was different and difficult.

As I grew older with age, I realized how special my brother was to me. He taught me that I was not inadequate, and I learned to cope with his disorder. I was taught by my brother, patience, compassion, learning levels of acceptance of who you are and strengths, that my other family members and friends did not have.

Do not feel you need to measure up to others, or you are inadequate to cope, or people would think less of you, and not understand your situation because you have a child with autism.

News can be shocking at times, especially when you have the truth that your child is autistic. But remember, you are not inadequate to cope with the news. This is a time when feelings can be put to a test, and the challenges can be charged into positive long term results.

Your child with autism will bring you joy, and strengthen you. Love your child, he or she is special, so are you. Learn from your child who has been diagnosed with autism. He or she is a gift, and your are appointed to raise him or her, by doing your very best that you know how to do.

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