Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teaching Autistic Children to Take Responsibility For Their Actions

Children should always be taught to take responsibility for their behaviour. But what about those who are afflicted with autism and have different ranges of temper tantrums and angry outbursts? Should we allow them to carry on and make excuses for them because of their behavioural imbalances? Are we to ignore them or de we step in and educate them so they can learn to co-exist with others?

Children with autism can be corrected and guided into better ways of controlling or displaying their emotions. It is crucial for parents or adults to manage the temper outbursts and anger displays of an autistic child. Slowly, they can be taught that outbursts and tantrums are generally unacceptable. What is crucial is for the adults to be patient and be attuned to the triggers that set off these extreme reactions and manage them. Most often, it could be that the child is just over stimulated, tired or overwhelmed with too many new things. Autistic children don't process data like an average child does, and sometimes external factors such as too many loud noises, bright lights or unusual sounds trigger their outbursts and tantrums. Coming across too many new faces or too many activities also sets off extreme reactive behaviour in an autistic child. A simple overload of all these causes them to behave in a way that we think is inappropriate, so we should do justice to them and keep them from experiencing too much all too soon.

It may be a taxing process, but when started on early in the life of an autistic child, discipline and management of behaviour can eventually attune them to co-exist in normal surroundings. Parents or caregivers need to be educated on the sensory overload that an autistic child may experience so they can explore the most effective ways to guide the child through. This may take extreme dedication and patience, but consistency and perseverance will eventually pay off. Find out how the autistic child communicates best with his surroundings without intimidating him. An autistic child can learn to be the best according to their abilities, to fit in our society and gravitate towards new challenges and opportunities.

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