Thursday, August 19, 2010

Autism - Different Structured Brains

There are people which convince themselves that if they cannot deal with something surely there must be highly trained specialists who can. These people believe that the specialist can take up where they leave off and fix what nobody can fix. With that theory in mind, they commit the child with Autism and go off to live their 'normal' lives.

One of the theories that so called experts have is that children with Autism can not assimilate or respond, basically they just mimic. This is very much like saying children with Autism are broken and can not be fixed.

Have you ever heard the saying, we learn by doing? Even average children, it is being discovered cannot learn unless they are first taught to mimic their parents. It seems all it is, is a different structured brain to do the job.

Another situation to look at is the person that lives a rather dull life, no crime, no arrests, and no tickets. Intelligence seems to be average on above, they marry, have children, and then one day in a normal length of life, they die. This person ends up on the autopsy table and it is discovered this person does not have a brain like everyone else, but instead has a lattice work brain.

Not noodle like or jelly like but like zigzags of tissue forming structure. 'Potato chip brains' is the term sometimes used by doctors. I wonder how much prejudice these people would have to endure if it were known beforehand. Again, it seems all it really is, is a different structured brain to do the same job.

No institution can give absolute one on one care and engagement the way a family can. Mainstreaming gives exposure, interaction, societal norms and function. The need for communication is met by family and school.

In school as well as the military it is found out what a person has an aptitude for doing. That is where you start. Children with Autism do not like change but we can many times figure out what they have an aptitude for.

This is particularly true when you take into account that an obsession may be that same 'aptitude' that typical people show and look for. At this point what causes the problem whether chromosomes, genes, RNA, DNA is not known. What is more important is dealing with Autism itself.

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Mylinda Elliott is the parent of five children. The third of the five has Autism which was diagnosed early on. The fourth of the five children has Aspergers. She is a self taught expert on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Mylinda Elliott has also worked professionally in the disability world for the past fifteen years. She is considered the "Go To" woman for advice or resources on disabilities.

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