Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Much Omega 3 For Youths and Children and How to Get the Maximum Benefits Safely

When it comes down to how much omega 3 for youths and younger children to give, quality is actually more important than the amount of the dose. Find out how to ensure your child gets the purest and safest dose and the correct amount.
Generally speaking, fish oils are very safe if they have been purified (distilled) and only those annoying fishy burps are likely to put your kids off!
How much omega 3 for youths and children to use with a quality supplement are as follows. It is recommended that children up to around 7-8 years old have one 1000mg supplement a day, while older children and youths can take two.
What is extremely important is that the oil is proven to be pure or has been molecularly distilled. This process separates out the oils from the toxins like lead and mercury which can result in long term health problems as they are stored in the body.
This is because children's defense systems are still developing and they are not able to process these toxins efficiently and so it can be storing up problems for the future.
Getting the right oil can deliver benefits like improved comprehension, better vocabulary, improved IQ and better coordination. For those with autism or ADHD they have shown to have particular beneficial effects and help to normalize their behavior and improve their concentration.
I personally give my son, who has mild autism, one 1000mg capsule a day and have seen significant improvements over the last three months. As he cannot swallow them, I cut them open and pour the contents into his morning juice.
You should avoid cod liver oil because it contains only small amounts of useful omega 3 fatty acids and also high amounts of vitamin A, which can be toxic in high amounts.
You should also avoid oils especially for kids as they tend to contain sweeteners, colorings and additives that are unnecessary.
The best oils come from the whole fish like Hoki, Tuna and Salmon which contain the essential omega 3 fats DHA and EPA. If you want the full benefits for your children, then you want as much DHA as possible as this is responsible for most of the rewards.
I would recommend to get at least 250mg of DHA in each capsule and you should see improvements within weeks.
It is important to remember that these natural oils can also help with your health and well-being too, reducing the risk of a heart attack or stroke, ensuring correct brain health and helping to cure age related eye disease among others!
Now you know how much omega 3 for youths and younger children to give, you can introduce the right supplements knowing that they will be pure and safe and give lasting benefits.
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