Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Celebration of Autism Awareness Month

Autism awareness month was celebrated last April, sponsored by the Autism Society of America. With the vast number of children diagnosed with autism, this celebration aims to bring awareness to the disease and effect on the families of autistic children. It is said that 1 in 100 children in the United States has diagnosed as autistic. Families and friends of these children are encouraged to get involved during the celebration to support the autism research fund raising. There will be a series of lectures about the signs of autism to the parent, medical professionals and teachers during the celebration. It is better t recognize the signs of autism as early a possible so that parents are able to seek the help they need to care for an autistic child.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers materials that would give information on recognizing the symptoms of autism. Families of autistic children can build-up online communities, support groups or other social networks to support one another.

Researcher failed to figure out why some children were diagnosed as autistic. There will be a fund raising to support the autism research and the genetics of the disease. Parents were taught that their children are entitled to the same rights as other children. Although some organizations try to work year-around in advising parents regarding to the rights of their children, autism awareness month was made as a special push to reach many parents as possible. This event also aims to make people realize that having an autistic child at home is not a bane instead it is a blessing and deserved to be cared, be loved and be treated as special.

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