Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Some Adults May Actually Be Autistic And Not Know It

Autism is not just a disorder that affects children. In fact, there are many adults, that may have autism and will never know it. See, the term autism has been around since 1911, but until well into the 1990's it really wasn't recognized. And often times, it was seen as being a completely different issue, like Tourette's Sydrome. As a result, there are many full grown adults that have all the characteristics of autism, and will never receive a proper diagnosis, because too often it is thought of as a childhood disorder.

What symptoms would an adult with autism display?

Some adults with autistic tendencies may go onto live a healthy, fully functioning life. Unfortunately, it is more common for an undiagnosed autistic individual to live a substandard life. They may be unable to hold a job, or function in any sort of social setting and may even be diagnosed as having OCD, or even schizophrenia. They may be unable to have a proper intimate relationship and may even show a lack of emotion or even empathy.

Not all characteristics are bad though. You may find them to have an almost laser like level of concentration. Where others are distracted easily, they will be so into what they are doing that they won't notice those around them or what is occurring in their environment.

Getting a diagnosis of autism as an adult may give you mixed feelings. For some it is a sense of relief, finally knowing what has been "wrong" with them all those years. For others it can open up a flood gate of unwelcome or unwanted issues that will have to be dealt with. You are the one who can best explain your issues to your doctor. Be truthful and answer all questions with honesty. A diagnosis isn't the end of the world. It could very well be the start of your life, and a whole new world.

Just because autism is seen as a childhood disorder, and typical autism requires a diagnosis prior to age three does not mean an adult cannot be diagnosed. Remembering that the level of autism awareness we currently have is only a more recent development, can help us to understand how so many adults could be on the spectrum and not even know it. The important thing is if you believe yourself or someone else may have autism and is not diagnosed they seek medical attention and get to the bottom of their symptoms so that they can live the best life possible.

Even adults can have autism. To learn more about the symptoms autistic adults display, click here!

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