Sunday, February 13, 2011

There Is Hope For Autistic Children

There are those out there that think there is no hope for our children who suffer from autism, they think it is a behavior without end. With what I have seen with autism, it is hard to understand how our children come down with it and how they can ever make it back to a normal life. It steals their very lives out from under them leaving them with special needs which are costly and most of the time they are unable to make many changes in their behavior. It affects so many children and it is on the rise every year with no end in sight mostly because the cause eludes the medical field.

It is believed that mercury from injections that we all take; unfortunately it is our children mostly that don't have the immune system to deal with the poisons that are being injected into their bodies. When you inject something into your body it bypasses all of the natural filtering systems that your body has to protect itself, which is why these poisons travel through the body and come to find places to hide like in tissues and organs. Over time these poisons can cause trouble but with mercury, it likes the tissue of the brain where it can be absorbed where it can cause brain neuron degeneration.

What this means is it messes up the balance that is needed in your brain for it to function properly. There is a very delicate balance that happens in your mind that allows your thought processes to function as they should. When you get poisons trapped in your tissues it throws your whole body out of balance. Autistic children usually show signs of problems after having their shots, shortly after being born. We don't really understand how much we are poisoning our kids; even before birth we are poisoning them. What I mean is it has been shown that kids are being born with over 200 different types of pollutions in their little bodies. So, their fight against the poisons of the world starts even before birth.

What can we do? I will share a quick story of an autistic child who is 18 years old. This young man would go to Wal-Mart with his family to shop and if they didn't have his potato logs and chicken that he usually gets, he would throw a huge fit, drop to the floor and flip out. People would walk by and say to his mother "he needs to be institutionalized!" which would just break her heart. He would also wake up around 5 am every morning and had to be locked in his room because he would wonder out to the kitchen where he would tear it apart looking for food. We introduced an amazing method to him some time ago and the changes were absolutely amazing to his family.

Being 18 years old his behaviors have been in place for a very long time, but after starting this method his tantrums in Wal-Mart came to halt! He would just sit down and sing instead of throwing his fits. He started to sleep in which really threw his mom for a loop. The first day he slept in till after 8 she ran in thinking he was dead, but found him sleeping soundly. He also used to shout the F word during church and that problem has also turned to just quiet singing. His whole life he has had autism and the behavior changes to this day have been astonishing to say the least.

So, there is hope for children with autism. This method that we use is not the cure for autism, actually there is only one thing that can cure in this world and that is your body. If you are providing your body with the right tools it can overcome diseases and illnesses on its own. This method that we want to share with you does one thing and one thing only; it removes from the body what doesn't belong there in the first place. It does this naturally and safely with zero side effects and has been thoroughly tested on people of all ages. Give your child or loved one the wonderful gift of hope so they can live a better sweeter life for their family and all those around who are special enough to ever get to know a child with autism.

We are Brothers committed to helping people of all ages remove and eliminate their toxic burden which can be a protective measure against disease and illness. We have a natural scientifically proven method that will remove this burden and has zero side effects. Visit our website to learn more.

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