Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dealing With Autism Day To Day

In order for an autistic adult to live a fully functional life on their own they need to have a detailed autistic friendly education as a child. When an autistic child is given one on one instruction they become more able to function outside of specialized care homes, though sometimes with the right childhood teaching to get a child with autism ready for the real world they sometimes do end up with their parents or in a full time care home as adults.

People who are given the diagnosis of autism do have a hard road ahead of them, it is a very hard disease to live with. Much debate has happened pertaining to the right care for every case of autism, because the disease is such a large spectrum disease. Each person who is diagnosed with autism treats their diagnoses with a different reaction.

There are different levels of care needed by autistic patients, some can lead fairly independent lives and are brilliant in a few areas, while some others have to have long term personal care. Across the United States there are specialized groups to help adults with this diagnosis to help them cope with living outside of a care home. Research shows that adults who live with autism work well in jobs where they can use their individual strengths.

The majority of adults who have autism have very little short term memory, but have outstanding long term memory so they can work exceptional in a job that plays on their individual strengths. Even though services are needed some of the time to assist autistic adults to perform day to day tasks, most patients can live quite well on their own outside of a care home. Sometimes even patients who are living in full time care homes can live a majority of their lives without much help.

A majority of adults with autism can work outside of their home and live very fulfilled lives. The biggest worry that adults with autism have is that they will be viewed as weird by other "normal" people in the world. Being unable to react in the right way to different social settings is not the fault of the patient it is simply part of the disease.

A large number of adults with autism in the world today have educated themselves to the point of getting college degrees, these patients are considered exceptional in their certain fields and have overcome any social disturbances in their lives because of the disease. Lastly it is crucial that people educate themselves on everything that is associated with the disease.

Although medicine has made great strides in other fields it has not been able to stop the diagnosis of autism from rising to one in a hundred and sixty six children. Since the numbers are so high pertaining to the diagnosis of autism, almost everyone will have someone in their life that has been diagnosed with the disease.

Unfortunately care homes geared to autistic patients are not abundant in the United States and a lot of adult autistic patients are still living at home. Just like any other person with a handicap or disability autistic people have a lot of special needs. Although people with autism can be drastically different then other people, with the right care and teaching they can lead very independent and fulfilling lives.

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