Thursday, March 10, 2011

Identifying What Causes Autism

To be able to choose the effective treatment for a child who has autism you should look at what causes autism. There is not one singular cause of autism but various explanations and theories. These theories and speculations all have varied measures of accuracy from fairly accurate to absolutely unfounded. What causes autism is a question asked by many and often not understood by most, but by reading this article you are able to get more or less an idea of what it entails.

To be able to diagnose autism and to also figure out what causes autism. You will need to understand the definition of this disorder. It can be defined as a child or person with limited speaking ability, usually repetitive movements, but with a great interest in mathematical problems or even music.

There are various symptoms of autism in children that can be determined with the help of a health professional such as a doctor or pediatrician. Though, it is essential that you as a parent know what kind of behavior to look out for before consulting your physician. Most autism diagnosis is only made at the age of approximately three. By then the child who might have autistic tendencies should have reached important growing goals like speaking or pointing at certain objects and of course smiling. The symptoms of autism that one would notice in a child would be the most obvious ones such as not responding to their names or avoiding looking into your eyes. Their speaking abilities will be very limited and in some cases they will be completely mute.

There are also varies cases of autism. One will see classical autism being the most severe form of autism. Another form of autism is categorized as spectrum disorder. Autism spectrum symptoms usually involve lack of communicating with others and being extremely focused on general objects. They will also mostly be very lonely as they will lack being able to make friends.

There is a possibility that autism can be detected during pregnancy. If there are people in your family with autism it is advisable to be tested for autism in order to be prepared for what lies ahead. By preparing yourself you will have the knowledge of what treatments there are available for children with autism and what symptoms to look for during the development of your child. This can be a very emotional experience as parents will ultimately face a very important decision should the risk of baring a child with autism be very high.

It is said that vaccinations against sicknesses during the toddler phase of child development can cause autism, but it has not been proven and is only speculation. The main cause of autism researched extensively is that it can be a form of a genetic disorder. So far the diagnosis of autism based on that have been far more accurate in recent times. What causes autism is ongoing topic and has been discussed by numerous medical professionals through out the world, but unfortunately we are only able to rely on research to understand what the possible causes are.

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