Sunday, March 25, 2012

Assist Autistic Children With Technological Gadgets

There are many ways to use technology that lead to benefits. Different technology has been available to help life quality. Children with autism and other developmental disabilities can find assistance when using technology. It can happen, but this is only earning some attention even though many are finding it useful.

Different types of technology are assisting children with autism. An example is augmentative communication systems. Using technology has shown to improve a variety of skills for these children including social interaction, motivation, attention, expressive communication, academic, self help, daily living and academic skills. They are also being assisted because they are earning a better understanding when it comes to their environment.

Another example is assistive technology. This is a product system, item or equipment that maintains, improves or increases function for the child. This modified or customized element is explained by the Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Act of 1988. This service helps the individual directly. These children usually process information visually better than when using auditory skills. Therefore, assistive technology gives them visual information. It is something that can be used in their daily lives to help them function better.

Then there are the visual representation systems. These include realistic drawings, objects, line drawings, photographs and words that are provided through technology. The child that understands visual presentations will find this helpful. Everyone is different as are autistic children. They will appeal more differently to the various visual representation systems. It could be because they have various dependent factors including organization, motivation and more.

There is also the Picture Communication Symbol (PCS) which are drawings. This includes the 'Picture This' software program presenting photos minus clutter often brought about by the background. This program has 2,700 photos in categories. These categories include: games, following directions, reading activities, academic activities, sequence activities, schedule creating and augmentative communication systems. This technology is used to help teach the child with photographs as well as objects to help them understand various elements. It could be a black and white line drawing or a black and white picture, for examples. The idea is to make the picture bigger until the object is covered up.

Each child has their own way of dealing with their autism. It is important to find treatment to help them cope with their life to live fulfilling life. helping the children with assistance methods shows consistent improvement as they tend to process visual information better. Apart from that medicine, therapy and even physiotherapy helps to reduce the symptoms of autism. At least the twitching, flapping of limbs, repetitive movements are reduced. Some of the medication used includes anti-depressants and behavioral modification therapies to ensure that they can behave as normal as possible. However, there are no standard one-fit results as each child is different and the autism spectrum is wide.

Additionally, visual aids and technological gadgets have helped them get a better understanding of the environs while it helps to enhance social skills, academic learning improves while they develop organizational skills.

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