Monday, March 5, 2012

Augmented Brain Functionality With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The human brain is like a super computer. With complex components, they are the processing unit ensuring that the human body works to its optimum level. The scientists are still amazed at the functionality of this organ and there is always an ongoing research to discover the full potential of the brain. But when the brain is damaged, and results in some parts being dead, it directly undermines some operative function rendering the part inefficient. This is the reason that the people select all possible methods to heal faster.

The human brain can be affected due to many reasons. Some may be genetic like that of autism, cerebral palsy or the Alzheimer's disease, some may be accidental and some may not have any explanation at all. This is the reason that people wish for the brain to function as it does for the other normal beings. Out of varied neurological treatments available in the market, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of them.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has its roots as the treatment for decompression. But later when researched, it was found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy had other significant uses. It could cure gas gangrene, reduce the carbon monoxide toxicity, eradicate carbon dioxide poisoning and showed improved differences in the autistic children. So what is really hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Hyperbaric means in higher pressure. The person is introduced into chambers which have oxygen at higher pressure. The oxygen dissolves in the blood more than normal, increasing the flow of oxygen even in the dead parts of the brain. This therapy has been found to show a marked improvement in patients suffering from the disorders of the nervous system. This therapy ensures that there is increased blood flow in the affected areas. The higher oxygen content once being introduced into the tissues increases the healing process. The very first symptom of the improvement is the increased brain function and thereby leads to the rapid progression of the other relevant brain functions.

Some smile, some wave, some converse, and some feel euphoric after the treatment. When the complex central nervous system is acquainted with an oxygen rich environment, it starts the recovery process. There are the behavioral changes also. The oxygen aids in regaining the dead neurons and thus starts the healing process. The brain perceives the most in the oxygen rich atmosphere, but all other body parts also partake in the therapeutic healing of the body.

Some people choose the hyperbaric centers for the sessions. These usually come with the latest advanced chambers that provide the best of the facilities. Medical personnel monitor the entire process so that any discomfort can be treated immediately. These centers are equipped with state-of-art amenities to help ensure a comfortable session. Some people purchase these chambers especially if they require frequent treatment sessions.

Allen Wood evaluates the importance of treatment via the hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the autistic children. She has found that those undergoing these sessions in a Hyperbaric Centers or at home, to have shown marked improvement in the brain functionality and the behavior.

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