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Some Relevant Information About Autism Treatment

Before undertaking any meaningful discussion regarding the treatment of autism, it is necessary to remember that Autism Spectrum Disorder is an outcome of faulty developmental process of the brain and hence, it does not allow any provision for getting fixed or cured. So it is a life-long problem and those who have it, are supposed to spend their whole life in its company. The treatments devised for this condition do not aim to cure it, rather its treatment includes a wide and varied range of therapies that are designed to endow the autistic children with basic behavioral and communication skills that will enable them to face and handle problematic situations of their lives efficiently. Therapeutic treatments are conducted at one-on-one level and also in the form of groups. They offer to improve not only the speech related problems but also lend support in the form of strengthening emotional and psychological basis of their life. Sometimes these therapies are conducted in the form of special classroom education which are specifically designed to help people with autism.
Now what kind of treatment or therapeutic aid is required by the child depends on the severity of the autistic symptoms. Although there are some autistic children whose condition at least allows them to participate in group activities, but it is a thing to be borne in mind that the way they will perceive things and learn them will be drastically different from five other normal children- a fact that teachers and parents should take cognizance of. Sometimes such children become can act aggressively towards their peers and lash out to other children, because at such a young age it is difficult for such children to come to terms with things that seems to them very hard to accept. This kind of problem can be taken care of by the teachers and parents with patience and compassion through teaching these children socially acceptable norms of behavior and attitude.
There are therapies of various types to help autistic children to improve their social, behavioral, communication and adaptive skills. Given below are some of such therapies that you ought to know about that can exercise beneficial influence on the growth of your autistic child:
Therapies to mold behavioral structure:
These therapies and programs mainly provide help to the autistic children through positive stroke and reinforcement, self-help and social skill training program in order to ameliorate their behavioral pattern.
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), Sensory Integration and Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH) are two of the most popular programs run to lend help to such children.
Specialized therapies:
Specialized therapies are an umbrella term that covers a variety of physical, occupational and speech therapies. These therapies contribute a lot in terms of facilitating the normal growth of autistic children and now they constitute an essential component of an autistic child's treatment program. Physical and occupational therapy aim to overcome the problems of co-ordination and enables them to process information in an efficient manner acquired though the five senses. Speech therapy on the other hand works to better their social and language skill. Due to the lack of language skill, these children run the risk of developing antisocial tendencies that can distance them from their peers. This particular therapy enables them to develop communication skill that ultimately leads to their better understanding of those around them and hence, indirectly ensures their capability to befriend others.
Medicinal aid:
Assistance of medicines are sought in order to tackle various autistic behavior related issues that covers depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Insomnia is another common trait among autistic children which can also be taken care of with the help of medicine.
Among the alternative medical approaches that have proved to be useful to relieve the condition of autism is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Although it has been found to notably improve some of the symptoms that we habitually associate with autism spectrum, but its credibility as the sole treatment has not been established yet, as doctors are of varied opinion regarding its efficacy to alleviate the autistic symptoms.
Before deciding on any method of treatment, the safest bet will be know and explore the full potential of the treatment procedure you are opting for, as autistic symptoms vary from person to person. Doctors and psychologists are yet to find a uniform method that will affect a cure of autism, but various medical studies have-showed that diagnosis at the primary stage and early medical measures can contribute to ameliorate this condition.
Milan Zones is a psycho therapist having a long experience of working with autistic children. He shares insider's view about various types of autism treatment California.
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