Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Absolute Power of Autism - Disability or Genius

The Autisarian Race
You would think that most of the time research into autism is not something people choose to do. Most of the time it's probably done because a person is faced with the challenge of raising an autistic child. This is a scary challenge, but what if you were faced with raising two autistic children? Consider the pain of watching them go through the effects of the disorder together, or one after the other. The good thing is that as a parent goes through trials and tribulations with their autistic child, they can become an expert in the art of managing the genius inside the disorder. If they learn to simply pay attention, they may find something amazing inside their child.
Most people don't consider the drastic longterm consequences of slow reaction to the alarming birthrate of autistic children. It seems likely if the puzzle isn't properly addressed soon, within the next ten to fifteen years the world may be responsible for what could be an entire race of adults who are unable function on their own. Take a minute to think about what would be a massive drain on the welfare system.
It's hard to imagine a disabled person has any connection to humankind's evolution.
A blind guy, a person with autism, or attention deficit disorder, no way these people could have anything to do with evolution. Naturally your first thought would probably be devolution, but if we closely examine what we know about what we don't actually know, we would be amazed by the possibilities. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the unexplained can't be explained because we haven't figured out how to use our brain's full potential. This means that as far as we know anything is possible.
If a man is born blind he can't value sight because he never had it. His lack of sight becomes a problem in his mind because people tell him he is disabled because he can't see. Because the man has no sense of sight his senses of hearing and touch are far above average, so he can hear and feel things like music astoundingly better than the average human being. This may give the man a natural ability to play a musical instrument far better than his human counterparts without instruction. This creates the question, is this man disabled? According to society he is, but Webster's dictionary calls him a genius. We have a nasty habit of negatively labeling things we don't understand, so similar arguments can be made using those labeled disabled because of ADD, or Autism. Are these labels a product our ignorance? Are these people disabled, or are they precursors to our evolution?
Autism has been around longer than most people realize, twenty years ago it was called mental retardation. We know very little about autism, but the number of children being born with it is astronomical, it's almost like some kind of invasion.
Great minds have consulted and surmised that this condition somehow interrupts the brains capability to communicate properly and since we don't understand it we label it a disability.
It seems when a certain power of the brain is taken away, or not included at birth other brain powers increase giving a person extraordinary abilities, or a certain knack for something. Unfortunately most of the time the knack is never discovered and this eventually creates a disabled person. The huge number of children being born with autism has uncovered some of these hidden knack's. If you research the definition of the word knack you'll find that it comes very close to the meaning of the word genius. Maybe we should stop trying to cure autism and try to manage the genius inside it instead.
If you think about it, an alarming number of people being born with extraordinary capabilities could be a push in the evolutionary process of humankind. Autism could be the creation of a new human being, the creation of the Autisarian.
The Inspire Weekly uses a book series called Survivor Evolution to motivate families affected by autism to search for the power behind the puzzle. The series was created by two autistic brothers who have publish three books so far. Support the Survivor Evolution Series. Start at the beginning and follow the series. Buy their first book; Flames of Avasten.
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