Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ten Fun And Educative Activities For Autistic Children

To come up with some sparkling ideas about the kind of activities that autistic children will enjoy can often prove to be very challenging. These children suffer from a tremendous problem of communication, so finding out the fun activities that would suit their taste can be a bit of a headache for their parents. But generally like all the normal children, these children with special need also enjoy some activities that not only engage them constructively, but help to train their various sensory organs too. Here are some suggestions:
1. Singing can prove to be one such activity for these children. Although incapable of normal verbal communication, the children can make sound, hum and also play musical instruments with the help of some training. These activities can direct them to the creative direction by providing them the much-needed sensory stimulation. Another activity worth mentioning will be the making of funny noises or mimicking noises produced by various animals, which can be very enjoyable for both the children and their parents, by filling the atmosphere with mirth and laughter.
2. Another very useful type of activity can be to create artificial situations of danger like fire and such other situations of urgency. These activities can be fun and also very useful to train these children about how to cope with hostile situations.
3. There is another fun activity of filling a bottle with water and adding sparkle to them. Then drop the alphabet models into that bottle, so that those letter models keep floating in the water. These bottles of shiny and sparkling water will definitely grab the eyeballs of your kid and will enable them to learn the alphabets in a fun and engaging way.
4. Some board games can also prove to be fun activity for them, in which you have to increase the level of difficulty with the growing age and understanding of your child.
5. The matching game is an effective way to introduce these children to the idea of puzzle, which also serves to satisfy their ardent craving for order and simplicity. In this game, children need to find the matching half of a given piece and join them to turn it into a complete object.
6. Playing with clay can also prove to be exciting for them, as this would educate them about different shapes and provide the sensation of kneading, pulling and touching, hence training their sensory motor.
7. You can inspire them to create some art work by gifting them a packet of crayons. Crayon sticks of different colors will surely be loved by your little one and motivate them to produce some art work, no matter how elementary they can be. Rubbing of these crayons will be a good exercise to train the delicate muscles of their hands too.
8. If you are considering the possibility of engaging your child in some outdoor games, then-golf and basketball will be good choice to go for.
9. Another thing to remember while choosing an activity for autistic children is that they feel comfortable with activities that involve repeated patterns. Hence bowling can be a good activity for them to be engaged in. It also enhances their sense and pride of accomplishment.
10. If you have swimming pool in your house, you can also train your children some basic tactics of swimming, as that does not require that much of effort and also it relieves them from the fear of interacting with others.
Medical societies are yet to find a solution to cure Autism. Studies have inferred that certain behavioral therapies, cognitive therapies along with HBOT therapies have brought in some kind of improvements within Autistic patients. The aforementioned activities will also assist in enhancing their interaction skills communication skills and will help them respond to social signals.
Annie Barrete is a psychotherapist who has a long experience of working with autistic children. In this article she makes some important suggestions about activities for autistic children.
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