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Are You Concerned That Your Child Has Autism? 22 Signs and Symptoms of Autism to Look Out.

How Do YOU know if YOUR Child has Autism? Are you worried that YOUR child may have Autism?

Would you like to Learn to spot the Signs and Symptoms of Autism to look out for?

My background

I am a mother who has an autistic child who was diagnosed when he was just two and a half years old. So this is written from a real person with first hand practical experience of dealing with Autism. It is an article written by an experienced person not a Ghost Writer writing about Autism!
Want to learn more?

Here are just 22 Signs and Symptoms of Autism to look out for. Most of these signs and symptoms were displayed by my Autistic Son. The list is not exhaustive.

Just a few of these symptoms will give you the knowledge to determine whether Your child may have Autism or is showing signs of Autism.

22 Signs and Symptoms of Autism

1 Difficulty in expressing needs
2 Little or no smiling
3 At 1 year: no babbling, no pointing or these have stopped
4 At 16 months: no words or words have disappeared
5 At 2 years: no phrases or phrases have dropped
6 Prefers to be alone; aloof manner
7 Displays odd play such as playing with doors, fixated with spinning objects, stacking toys, lining up toys or more focused on part of a toy
8 Your child likes playing on their own - solitary play
9 Repetitive behaviour
10 Repeating words or phrases in place of normal responsive language. Even echolalia
11 Laughing or showing distress for reasons not apparent to others
12 Unexplainable excessive crying
13 Aggression which is unexplained
14 Little or no eye contact
15 Not using age appropriate words to communicate
16 Enjoys movement and is calmer when rocking, swinging or jumping or shaking body or head
17 Over sensitive to certain sounds such as vacuum cleaner sounds, dog barking, lawnmower
18 Self injurious behaviour such as head banging may be present
19 Flapping hands, tiptoeing or biting
20 Resisting change to set routines
21 Delay in spoken language
22 Completely indifferent to others feelings

Remember that no one single thing alone means autism. Autism is notable by a pattern of symptoms rather than any one single symptom. The main features of autism are impairments in communication, restricted interests with repetitive behaviour as well as social interaction difficulties.

Just becoming aware of the early signs of autism in a child AND seeking advice as soon as possible. Guidance from a Pediatrician is the first step, if you are worried that your child is displaying the signs and symptoms.
Early intervention is better the sooner it is received than later. Your primary concern is to get your child checked and ensure that help is given to support your child whether the child is Autistic or not. He may just have learning difficulties in some cases and it is still wise that early intervention will change both your outlook and your child's outlook.

This is Part 2 of the saga of a series of articles I am writing on Autism. Please check my website

Sofina Aghios is a mother of an Autistic Child who lives in London. I have attended many courses to deal with Autism and to learn about the lifelong condition, including dealing with challenging behaviour of an Autistic child. I have supported my child with PECS to get him to communicate and successfully getting him a Statement of Education Needs (SEN) to help with his support at a Mainstream School, knowing that he could deal with it. Yes, mainstream school, some Autistic children can attend mainstream school with support in the UK.

My objective is to raise awareness of Autism and to bring my child up in a world where Autism is truly understood and is accepted.

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