Monday, July 25, 2011

Trials and Stresses of Autism Parents

When a parent finds their child has Autism they deal with the emotions as well as the challenges of this realization. There are a variety of treatments for children with Autism. Parents are also being taught different ways to handle their child. It is also important to treat the parent and help them know the best ways to care for their child. The parent may not have Autism, but they are dealing with a lot as well. A parent must deal with the Autism symptoms of their child while also dealing with their own emotions. They are building their own relationship with their child while going through the aspects of Autism as well.

They worry as any parent does that they are making the right decisions. They want to work with their child as well as loving their child. They want to make sure they do the best they can to help with every aspect of the child's needs. Parents need the knowledge to help their child not only with Autism symptoms, but the need for emotional care as well as physical care.

Everything that Autism parents endure means they need to have a support system for themselves too. They love their child, but it can be stressful and painful at times. It is important to meet with other Autism parents, spend time with family and friends and still get out and do things that they find fun. This will help them stay focused on their child because they will have an outlet of their own. It could be going out on a date night once a week or taking a few hours alone to read a book. The parent needs to know there is someone in their life that will listen to them if they are having a bad day and need a special time to vent. Some of the reasons that autism parents find the complete situation so stressful is due to:

Guilt: Somewhere down inside each of the parents with a child with autism blames himself or herself for the child's condition as numerous researches point out hereditary or genetic factors leading to the condition. This adds to the ongoing stresses.

Finances: Even if your healthcare provider and insurance provides for some of the costs, there are numerous costs to bear which may get stressful at times.

Societal Pressures: Being away from the normal children's activities, awkward questions of strangers, cannot attend regular functions which in all, can alienate the parents of autistic child which can also lead to immense strain.

Autism parents need to not only tend to their own emotional health, but their physical health too. The child needs their parent and caregiver. If they are sick then they won't be able to care for the child. It is vital for parents to not neglect themselves. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the needs of the child.

It is important for Autism parents to stay connected to the world as well as each other as parents. It will help ease the road of being an Autism parent. There is more to your life.

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