Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gluten Free Diet - Autism Still A Mystery

We know that scientists still don't know what causes autism, but research has found that with a gluten free diet autism characteristics or behaviour is lessened. With need for children to have a gluten free diet autism traits are more controlled too. Unfortunately it does not seem easy just to remove the basic foodstuffs such as the starches and dairy products from every household or only have a specific diet for one child who may suffer from autism.

Autism is a malfunction of the brain, and since there is no cure for it yet, other ways of handling the situation so to speak have to be implemented. It is not easy for a parent who has no idea that their child has autism, finding the reasons and what can be done for them is also another major issue that needs to be discussed when parents find out this information.

Gluten And Casein Removed Helps Autistic People

When it comes to the dietary needs of the autistic child it is recommended that the gluten intake and the casein intake, or gluten free diet autism is lessened. Somehow these ingredients have been found to cause a gastric problem, which seems more evident in autistic children too. By eliminating the daily usage of bread and milk which does sound harsh, and replacing it with something just as useful could sometimes prove quite difficult if it is done for the whole family in one shot. If you are changing your food sources over to be gluten free, you can easily find a gluten free diet recipe those suites your whole family's dietary needs.

With the gluten free diet, autism cannot be totally eliminated or remedied, as this is a malfunction of the brain. However, it has been proven that by using the gluten free diet autism gastric intestinal problems are totally eliminated or reduced radically, thereby also not putting the child in such a tense mode continually and therefore more relaxed and happier.

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

If you do come about a child with autism, you will find that the child is tense continually. This is also part of their own nature to be this way, and for some to be taken out of their usual environment causes their stress and panic levels to increase immensely. Some autistic children may seem out of the ordinary by their actions, but a lot are actually geniuses in their own right. It is important that "normal" children learn not to tease others with so-called disabilities, as it also has been proven that abilities that are lacking in one category are heightened in another.

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