Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is There an Updated Approach For Helping Autistic Children That Is Simple?

I have learned the best way in helping autistic children is to keep it simple. By keeping it simple, it creates an updated approach. How is this accomplished?

I know you are probably thinking, you as a parent(s), caregiver(s), do not know how to keep it simple. How can you help your autistic child, who is different with his or her own range of the severity, that autism causes? This can be frustrating.

In addition, each child who has autism, expresses unique personalities with their various symptoms that are challenging.

Every family who has a child with autism makes an impact on that family. For this reason, you want an updated approach that is simple which can help your child and family.

Children with autism will determine how you, your family and other siblings within your family live their lives.

Back to the question. Is there an updated approach for helping autistic children, that is simple?

The simple methods that I have used in helping my brother are in the following suggestions:

* Give positive support and positive reinforcement.

* I tried to improve the quality of life, for my brother and his surroundings.

* Allow your child to do things that would normally be of interest to him or her. For instance, Mix the new things with the old things, that is familiar to your child.

* By taking advantage of the approach, mixing new things with old things, you are adding positive reinforcement. Your child will gain more confidence to accept challenges and grow. In addition, you are keeping it simple. It will help your child and you.

I had to take an approach that I felt was updated for helping my brother who was autistic.

We were going to the Minnesota State Fair and my brother usually rode in a family car. That day, we had to take another car, that was different. It did not belong to us, and there was a new person driving the vehicle that he did not know.

I knew there might be some confusion regarding the change of a different car and driver. Therefore, I talked to my brother about the new way we were going to travel to the Minnesota State Fair, but we would still be traveling by a car.

I also told my brother, we would be enjoying a new way, but we were able to continue to enjoy the scenery he loved so much, with a new driver and sit back and relax as we did by going in our car, the old way. I kept it simple.

The approach I made by explaining to my brother about the change from the new to the old, was an updated way of helping my brother who was autistic.

I have experienced, by keeping things simple, your approach can be updated.

Using things your autistic child cares about, is interested in, loves the most, you might be able to encourage him or her to interact with new and challenging experiences. He or she will become more confident and gain more awareness.

Are you willing to take the new things and add to the old things? This approach can be updated and it is simple.

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