Monday, July 18, 2011

An Autism Symptoms Checklist

People that suffer from autism seem to live in their own worlds, they reject any contact with other persons and they do not socialize at all. Unfortunately we know so little about this disorder so the only thing we can do for autistic people is to try to understand them and to make them feel good, because there is no known cause or cure for autism. Autism manifests itself soon after the birth of a child, and it's important that the ones around him, usually the family or the teacher detect the ones affected and seek help for them. The sooner an autistic is discovered the better for him/her, because autistics need special treatment and they need to be supervised, for they are not aware of what is right and what is wrong in most cases.

But autism is a special condition, and it's pretty hard to determine its symptoms so that you can recognize them. Autism is a term that refers to a wide-area of disorders with many signs and symptoms. We can only hope that in the future a treatment for autism will be found, but until then we need to discover the autistic persons early so that they are treated properly d no problems occur. Here follows an autism symptoms checklist that contains all the signs that were noticed in multiple cases of autism and therefore are the most common:

-autistics have great problems with speaking, they can't express themselves because their language skills are very poor

-they are avoiding to touch or to be touched by other people; they also avoid any eye contact

-they don't like the company of others and they like to be alone, they have their own world

-autistic children play very different from the other children and their way of playing seems strange

-they have an increased sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises

-sometimes they seem to be deaf and they don't even respond to their own name

-they focus at a single object for hours

-they appear to have a reduced sensitivity to pain but they don't show any fear in some cases, for example if a car travelling at high-speed is heading straight in their direction

-the children who suffer from autism don't like to cuddle and they don't smile if they are smiled at

This autism symptoms checklist contains the most encountered symptoms of the disorder but autism manifests differently from case to case so it does not have a certain pattern. But if you see that a child presents at least 3 or 4 signs mentioned above then there are chances that he is autistic.

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