Friday, June 15, 2012

Leaky Gut Syndrome - Little Known Facts Revealed

Learning about Leaky gut syndrome in context with autism is a fast-growing need for families with a member diagnosed with the brain disorder, Autism; what causes it and how to control and treat it are among the aspects most sought out by people today.
At the most basic level, leaky gut syndrome is the inability of an autistic person's intestinal wall to prevent large, undesirable molecules from filtering in, i.e. it becomes permeable and leads to an increased sensitivity to allergies and other diseases or can be understood as reduced immunity.
Thus, those autistic children who suffer leaky gut syndrome are bound to suffer frequent bouts of allergies or common illnesses as protein substances and other hard to break down molecules filter through their intestinal tracts into the intestines, causing the body to misinterpret them as a harmful substance (such as a virus) and go into an anti-body production overdrive to combat these.
Other complications arising from leaky gut syndrome are caused when an autistic individual's body, unable to recognize these substances that filter in to the intestine as being harmless, which may well be familiar foods but the body is unaware of that info, starts to cause an auto-immune disease and this situation has the body attacking itself! Apart from these 2 dangerous situations that can arise from leaky gut syndrome, there are others including bacteria getting transported to bloodstream that should only be found in the intestinal tract, which causes infections and weakens the liver besides resulting in increased toxicity elsewhere in the body. All of these complications from leaky gut syndrome can mean continued poor health for an autistic person.
To avoid these type of medical problems arising from leaky gut syndrome, it is advisable for families with autistic members to raise their awareness levels regarding the source, symptoms and treatment of the disorder. This includes avoiding intake of a diet that is high in carbs, alcohol and caffeine content, drugs such as ibuprofen and antacids - all of which work to reduce the impermeable nature of the intestinal walls that is a measure of disease control. While research is on for other medical diagnoses that may shed light on the causes of leaky gut syndrome and exact source, inconclusive evidence registered so far points to ways to prevent the syndrome from manifesting itself in serious ways as the sensible way to deal with the issue.
Since the digestive system of autistic children is very sensitive, medical advice strongly recommends going on a gluten and casein free diet that are essentially hard-to-break-down protein substances that can inflame the condition; avoiding spicy food and the above stated items that aggravate the condition, are other recommendations for dealing with the irritable leaky gut syndrome to enhance the quality of life for an autistic individual.
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