Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why IQ Testing is Important to Your Child

The IQ or intelligence quotient test is one of the more common tests that children and adults take to derive the score that allows them to measure how smart they really are. The score is derived from many tests given to the subject over the course of the tests, and then calculated to measure the persons actual intelligence. The mathematical formula is then based upon a ranking system and derived from normalisation samples to yield a raw score, which can either be the 'deviance IQ' or the 'ratio IQ'. When it comes to your child, the basic and average IQ score of a normal kid would be anywhere in the range of 100, and with an IQ test you can find out whether or not your child is within the normal range, or anywhere below or above.
When you find out the intellectual level of your child, you will be able to take the steps necessary to investigate a low score and act upon a high score. This can be in the form of educational assistance from a counsellor if your child is way below the score and this could be because your child has a developmental disorder that you are not aware of. The thing about the IQ test is that it dabbles, quite unknowingly, as one of the better ways to acutely detect if there are any problems within the developmental value chain within your child. With a low score, you can figure out at an early age whether or not your child has autism or any one of the developmental disorders that can afflict children of a young age.
There are many IQ tests out there and there are even those for those who are at a very young age of 3. The test would consist of a syllabus that is designed on pictorial questions and basic associations, and will last about 30 - 60 minutes. When you start early, learning disorders can be spotted at an early age. However, you must understand that the kids IQ test is more of a general market to a problem within the child's brain and you need to act upon this to approach a psychologists to ascertain if there is indeed a problem and what that problem is. The presence of any sort of learning disorder will start long before anyone can be aware of it, but the first few signals that there is one there in the first place is when the child has difficulties at school and at tests. So starting early will allow you to ascertain the intelligence and developmental level of your child and compare it with normal trends all over the world. There are also tests for kids of all ages, 4, 6, 8 and onwards and there is of course a standardised adult test as well. Once you have that score, you will be able to take the steps necessary to save your child from suffering in silence and do something about their learning disability.
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