Tuesday, June 26, 2012

There Are Benefits to High Functioning Autism

For a long time, doctors and specialists believed that autism was a general condition, but because of special funding researchers have begun to learn a lot about this disorder, including that there are many types of autism, among which is a disorder called high functioning autism.
High functioning autism is a condition that falls within the autism category, but children who experience this type of condition, only experience mild symptoms of autism. Normally they can interact socially and only have small social impairments. People who experience high functioning autism can often be misdiagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
Children who suffer from high functioning autism will have only some problems when trying to communicate with others, you may also distinguish the disorder by small movements and kids will want a certain routine and feel lost without it.
Having your child diagnosed with autism can be heart breaking but if he is diagnosed with high functioning autism then there are advantages. The first thing you want to do is get the right kind of help. A lot of the symptoms of high functioning autism can be corrected and reversed but you need to teach your child how to do that, and you need the help of a pediatric neurologist and a child psychologist to do that.
Research has shown that there are certain therapies that will allow your child to have a normal life. This therapy will teach them how to interact socially, learn communication skills, and control their motor behavior. Some Doctors may prescribe medications to control the child's anxiety and hyperactivity while he is learning. This is why it is so important to seek help from specialists in the field.
A person is diagnosed with high functioning autism when the symptoms are not severe. These children are just as intelligent as others that are the same age and sometimes even more intelligent. They can use vocabulary to express themselves but their learning comprehension falls behind other children. They are not able to express emotional detail or interpret non verbal instructions or cues.
Beware of Aspergers! Many doctors tend to confuse high functioning autism with Asperger's Syndrome because many of the symptoms are similar. But there is a difference between the two, and they need to be treated in different manners.
There isn't a set definition for what is high functioning autism and it is difficult for doctors to diagnose. Doctors use different testing methods, but some use IQ tests to help them with their diagnosis, although this is not really an adequate testing method because IQ tests have many elements that autistic children struggle with. They will also determine the level of autism by the way the child uses language, and the way he behaves. It is important that you find physicians that are very experienced with autism and can diagnose it well.
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