Monday, June 18, 2012

Leaky Gut Treatment - What Are The Most Effective Methods?

Leaky gut syndrome is defined by an increased permeability of a person's gut in response to undue inflammation and irritation of the intestinal walls. As this heightened permeability results to the inappropriate functioning of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, it could have tremendous effect on a number of body processes, and is a primary factor in the progression of most autoimmune diseases and food allergies. Though a leaking gut has become increasingly typical and could have colostrum supplementation as an effective leaky gut treatment, doctors often overlook this health condition when diagnosing and prescribing any treatment for its associated symptoms.
GI tract inflammation increases its permeability via formation of sizeable gaps between cells lining one's intestinal walls. While larger molecules passing a healthy gut are digested into smaller pieces before passing into one's body, with leaking gut, these molecules could pass through the intestinal linings before these metabolic processes are complete. Bacteria, toxins and viruses could also pass through a leaking gut, permitting them to enter the circulation & gain direct access to tissues throughout the body. So what is the best leaky gut treatment? To recognize appropriate treatment, people need to understand common disorders that cause it.
First is a weakened immune system. This condition weakens one's immune system by decreasing its ability to fight pathogens at its point of entry - the gastrointestinal tract. Inflammation and/or irritation of intestinal walls impairs the protecting lining enclosing immunoglobulin antibodies that are usually present in a normal gut, rendering them dormant & removing a significant line of defense. What is the leaky gut treatment? One should simply strengthen his immunologic system by eating healthily and performing regular exercise. A diet full of fruits and vegetables is an effective and natural solution as it also helps to clean the intestines.
A second common disorder is nutritional deficiencies. For minerals and vitamins to be transported into one's body, they rely on carrier proteins which reside in the gut. Such proteins are also harmed by inflammation in a leaky gut, making them unable to carry ingested vitamins and minerals into one's body for utilization. Similarly, very long periods of irritation could prevent the absorption of said nutrients and essential proteins. What is the leaky gut treatment? An increased intake of vitamins, minerals and proteins could somehow compensate for the lack of absorption. As mentioned, a nutritious diet is a good way to treat your symptoms.
The biologically active elements in colostrum are incredibly effective in leaky gut treatment as it strengthens one's immunologic system. They also repair tissues damaged by autoimmune diseases, another common health disorder. Colostrum supplementation seals the mucosal layer of the intestines as well, making them impervious to larger molecules & microorganisms and preventing the development or further progression of the disease. Additionally, growth factors found in bovine colostrum could have an anti-inflammatory outcome throughout one's body, making colostrum highly substantial in the primary solution for this condition, and alleviating the painful symptoms of several autoimmune diseases associated with a leaking gut syndrome.
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