Thursday, December 15, 2011

9 Tips To Get A Photograph Of Your Autistic Child

Many families like to take yearly photos. However, if you have an autistic child, getting them to pose for a picture is no easy task. The autistic child might not want to sit still or may even be bothered by the bright lights. However, there is hope in getting that picture finally taken. Here are a few tips.

- Before you pick a photographer, you may want to ask parents of autistic children where they have gotten their photos done. There could be a photographer in your area that handles autistic children and knows what to expect.

- Pick a time where your child is generally in a good mood. Many autistic children tend to run on a schedule and you can usually tell when they are going to be in a better mood.

- Some autistic children have a favorite cloth or a favorite object. Bring it with you to the photo studio. This can keep them calm and relaxed through the process and help get the photo done faster. It can even be included in the photo.

- Your child might respond better in the home. Have the photographer come to your house and take pictures. This will be easier on you as well because if your autistic child does have a bad reaction you are already home and can soothe them quicker.

- When going to a photographer, let them know you have an autistic child beforehand. This will help the photographer prepare any way that they need to and they may even have suggestions. If your child has problems with bright lights, let the photographer know so preparations can be made.

- Don't force your child to take the picture. If your child won't sit still, don't stress him or her out to get the picture taken. Candid shots work just as well and can be endearing.

- Let your autistic child get used to the camera. Let them look at it (but don't touch) and get comfortable with it. This could help them relax and get ready for the picture easier.

- Your child might not want to sit during the photo shoot, and that's is perfectly fine. Let them stand or even lay down. The photographer should be able to work around your family's needs when it comes to taking the photo. Let your child do what is going to make them most comfortable. If the photographer you choose doesn't accept this, just find one who will.

- A photo doesn't have to be professionally done. Your autistic child might respond better if you are the one taking the pictures. You can also take pictures doing every day activities, during family get-togethers or holidays. Many family's photo albums are full of special moments. Yours doesn't have to be any different just because your child is autistic. Take photos of them whenever you get a chance.

Taking photos of your autistic child doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Like anything else your autistic child has ever done, make them comfortable and don't force them to do anything. Make it a fun time and enjoy the situation. The pictures will get taken and look great.

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