Sunday, December 4, 2011

More About Autistic Children

Unfortunately in today's society, difference is not looked upon as a positive thing. Children nowadays while subject to a wide variety of cultural change and innovative new ways of thinking, still fall back on old fears when it comes to differences, especially amongst themselves. Because of this, their peers who suffer from anything that places them outside the spectrum of norm, are often ostracized and bullied because of this.

Children who suffer from developmental and learning disorders such as Autism are especially prone to these negative efforts. It is of every importance that we begin to take note of what goes on inside as well as outside of the home and classroom. It is essential that we begin to teach our children the values of compassion and patience towards those who may be different than us. It is with this open mind attitude that we will not only be able to help our peers who are challenged with life, but also to help us live more peacefully and to grow as a human being.

Bullying has reached new heights in young children and adolescents these last few years. It is a danger to their well-being, not just the targets but the bullies as well. Everyone is a victim in these circumstances. Autistic children are more prone to these attacks as well, vis. they are socially awkward, they find it difficult to communicate on a normal basis because they do not react the same to the verbal, emotional and intuitive cues of their friends. This can lead to misunderstandings and tension amongst children and can also lead to teasing and alienation.

Depending on the severity of their symptoms, autistic children tend to thrive better in an environment created around their disorder. But this leaves them alienated from the rest of the world. So, while it is beneficial for them to spend some time in an environment geared towards their way of learning and comprehension, it isn't good for them to be secluded away from the rest of society. They will need to learn the skills and confidence to integrate into the rest of society in order to live a successful life. This doesn't mean they have to be exactly like the rest, in fact autistic children never will, but they need to be able to live as their selves comfortably out in the world.

In order to really do this, the world itself needs to learn some compassion and compromise for autistic children. The relational skills and the way of thinking and perception are not only for these children to work at changing. The world needs to change as well. We need to be more accepting of difference and individuality. We need to be more willing to help those who need it instead of pushing them aside and trampling all over them. And this doesn't mean we just need more specialists in the field. We, as human beings need to take a proactive approach towards making autistic children, adults and those with other disorders feel more like they have a place in the world. Because they do and they should, it is our own fault that we experience difficulties with these differences.

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