Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make Communication Picture Cards For Your Autistic Child - How?

Communication for children with autism is one of the major obstacles. Many autistic children have a difficult time to express themselves verbally. Many do not retain or understand the information they receive. Now you can help solve that problem by making communication picture cards for your autistic child. But, how?

One of the tools that is helpful for your child to learn how to communicate is using pictures on cards for communication. This system can be extremely helpful for reinforcement, expressing messages instead of words through visual pictures, placed on cards.

These cards have images and you may purchase them, but it can become expensive. Therefore, you will probably be inclined to make your own. By making your own cards, you will save money, you can be specific about what images your child is in need of, by using and understanding the pictures you want to put on the cards.

If you decide to make your own cards for communication with your child, it can become creative and you can even include your child to help you with the cards, or let him or her know what you are doing and why. In addition, the cost is reduced.

To make your own cards for communication with pictures, start with the following steps:

* Find out what your child will need or places your child will go on a regular routine. For example: Foods, objects, directions, etc. Create a list of these areas, subjects, and objects, add them to the list or subtract them from the list as time goes on.

* It is a good idea to make sure you are using the same cards that will help your family, your therapist, church, school teachers, siblings, relatives, and other people involved with communication for your child. You may want to consider giving them a set of the same cards you are using.

* When you go with your child to meetings, appointments, other functions, bring your picture communication cards with you to designate what the pictures on the cards will communicate while you are there.

* Now that you have thought about what to put on the list, next take digital photographs, cut the images out of magazines, newsletters, advertising data, that is familiar to your child and is also on the list you have made. You can take time to draw the images, as well.

* Now that you have the images for communication picture cards to be made, place these images on poster board, or heavy stiff card stock. You can use rubber paper cement glue to adhere them to the card stock.

* Underneath the picture, write the word or description of what the picture indicates for communication purposes.

* You might want to think about laminating the cards to protect them. This is an option. In addition you can use clear protective plastic sleeves for protection.

* I have learned, when you are making your communication picture cards is, if you are drawing pictures, be sure to keep them simple and not confusing.

* To make this process fun for your child and you to learn, you can put your picture communication cards on velcro strips and hang them in his or her room or purchase magnets and place the picture cards for communication on your refrigerator for viewing.

Be willing to take the time and be creative in making your communication cards with pictures. You will have positive results. It is a fun process.

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