Monday, December 12, 2011

Therapy For Autism Options Are Diverse and Careful Consideration of Each is Important

There are so many diverse autism therapies to choose from that one must carefully identify the needs of the child before choosing which one, or set of therapies, are best. Unfortunately there are also many ideas out there from overwrought parents and well meaning but unqualified therapists that some of the options available are either not safe or not proven to benefit the autistic child.

The feeling amongst educators of autistic children is that early intervention programs must focus on behavioral and cognitive abilities that are disrupted by having autism. Special needs education programs that can focus on these areas of need, with an early start, can assist autistic children to learn, maybe even be taught to speak. As adults their education must continue, but now some researchers are talking about using antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs to assist with the daily living of these adults. Others feel that these drugs as therapy for autism will do no good and may cause harm.

Studies have shown that using computers to teach autistic children has made many breakthroughs. Computers allow the child to learn without having to be forced into social situations. The computers stimulate the child without overloading them. They have no need to attempt conversation while comfortably learning at the computer. They can control their situations and this is very pleasing to them and makes learning easier for the autistic child.

For children who are severely affected with autism Multisensory Stimulation has had some positive results. They allow gentle stimulation by use of soothing colors, gentle sounds, music and scents. This is all done in a controlled setting so that the child does not suffer an overload. This therapy for autism is more popular in Europe, especially in Germany.

A still experimental therapy is Neurofeedback. In this there are electrodes put on the child's scalp. This is to help the autistic child learn to control their brainwaves. A recent pilot study involved eight children. After ten weeks of his treatment five of the children improved when asked to perform tasks that included imitation. This was considered highly successful.

Other children are put into therapies that include restrictive diets or a program to purge the body of toxins. These are referred to as biomedical interventions and are more experimental in nature. Many researchers believe that these are risky therapies and worry that they are tried by desperate parents who may involve their child in something that has not yet been proven to truly have any benefits.

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