Thursday, December 15, 2011

Early Intervention is the Key to Helping a Child With Autism Or Any Development Disorder

Don't ever lose hope!

You may frustrated, exhausted, angry, confused and concerned about how to treat your child or other loved one and what to do to help them.

If it is Autism, Aspergers, PDD, ADHD, or any other developmental disorder, it should not ruin you and your child's life. It is not a curse - it is just a variation that can be worked around your life.

You and Your Loved One CAN still BE CAPABLE OF leading a Joyful, Secure, Peaceful, Triumphant and Fruitful Life just in a surprisingly different way. It won't ever be easy but it will be better.

SO please don't be in constant despair. Just start to think of your child or person who has a developmental disorder be it Autism or otherwise.

If YOU are still concerned about a child or a loved one you know that may be displaying weird behaviour, under developing, language delay, or anything that is concerning you and all you want to know is if any of these Signs and Symptoms of Autism? Check out my article: "Are You Concerned That Your Child Has Autism? 22 Signs and Symptoms of Autism to Look Out."

Believe me; I am aware of what you might be going through because not long ago I was in the same place wondering what is going on with my child!

You should be finding more about what to do to help your child as soon as you think that they may have a problem, whether it happens to be Autism or any other developmental disorder.

- Learn to spot main signs and symptoms to lookout for
- Start to Understand what Autism Means
- Learn about other Disorders related to Autism
- How a child is affected by the Autism condition
- What can be done?

ALL this is useful to know, learn and help your child. Knowledge is power and putting this knowledge into action will help you and your child's future. BUT Early INTERVENTION is the beginning and the key!

Intervening early or as soon as possible by helping your child and getting professionals such as speech and language therapists, physiotherapists and any one that can help to be involved at this early stage, you could actually help your child and their future.
Letting others know about the condition and to seek help for your child so that early intervention can be taken immediately is the best chance to see success and rewards for your child's future.

I must keep repeating that early intervention is the best possible way to cope with this disorder. Early Intervention will vastly improve your life and most important your child's life.

Believe me, I have been there and done this. Just by early intervention you are able to get your child:

o To understand what communication means
o To learn to point
o Teach why it is important to communicate
o To learn to better cope with everyday demands
o To be less dependent on you or a Guardian
o To cope with school (possibly a mainstream school)
o Learn to socialize with others
o Feel comfortable in a situation with other children early on
o To learn to play in an appropriate manner
o Learn to cope better with the challenging life

AND improve the quality of your and your loved one's life.

Although the quality of your life will change dramatically and has already, it can only be improved by early intervention. I am not saying that everything will be sorted out and life will be similar to a family with children with no disorders, NO this will not happen but you can dramatically help your child to look towards a better future than live in hopelessness. From my own experience I can say that early intervention is the key to helping a child with Autism or any other developmental disorder. Don't ever lose hope!

This is Part 3 of the saga of a series of articles I am writing on Autism. Please check my website

Sofina Aghios is a mother of an Autistic Child who lives in London. I have attended many courses to deal with Autism and to learn about the lifelong condition, including dealing with challenging behaviour of an Autistic child. I have supported my child with PECS to get him to communicate and successfully getting him a Statement of Education Needs (SEN) to help with his support at a Mainstream School, knowing that he could deal with it. Yes, mainstream school, some Autistic children can attend mainstream school with support in the UK.

My objective is to raise awareness of Autism, to help other parents and people affected by autism and to bring my child up in a world where Autism is truly understood and is accepted.

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