Monday, December 12, 2011

Speech Pathology - Affects Good Communication

Communication is very essential to our daily lives and it is the best way to express our emotions in order to be understood. There are two types of communication: verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication is also a form of oral communication, it is the process of sending and receiving messages with words. Normally, speech is categorized under verbal communication. On the other hand, non-verbal communication is defined as conveying of messages other than speech or writing which includes sign language and body movement.

Now, let's focus more on speech because this the medium we always used to express our thoughts, opinions and emotions through spoken words. However, in some cases speech is not achieve because of speech pathology or also known as speech disorder.

What is speech pathology? It is the study of speech abnormalities and/or the organs of speech. It is also involve in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders which relates to speech, language, swallowing, fluency, voice and communication. What are the causes of speech pathology? This includes hearing disorders or deafness, voice problems, stuttering, developmental disabilities, autism, and stroke. We will dissect each cause of speech pathology to understand more why they cause speech disorder.

  • Hearing disorder and deafness. A deaf person does not have the capability to hear sound at all. If sound is not perceive so with spoken words or uttered sound. On the other hand, hearing disorder means difficulty in hearing and understanding spoken words. Most commonly for hearing impaired individuals, use of hearing aid in order to assist them in understanding spoken words.
  • Voice problems. Voice is very essential for us when we speak. Did you ever noticed that if you experienced sore throat, pharyngitis or laryngitis, often times you will have a difficulty to make a sound and voice will not come out from your mouth. Most of these disorders are treatable.
  • Stuttering. This is a disorder that affects the normal flow of speech. It is affected by repeated or prolonged sounds, syllables or words.
  • Developmental disabilities are birth defects that causes a lifelong problems with how body part or a system works. This is also a genetic condition that is often attributed to mental retardation. Mostly these disabilities affects speech.
  • Autism. This is a disorder that affects children. They are often described as " special child usually confides in their own old". Children with autism have a difficulty to communicate and interact socially.
  • Stroke. This is a medical emergency that affects the human brain were sudden confusion, trouble or inability to speak and understanding of speech is a common symptom of this condition.

In some cases, speech pathology or disorders are genetic and cause is unknown. Five percent of children entering first grade have noticeable speech disorders but mostly they can be treated with help of speech pathologist or speech therapist.

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