Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Behavior Characteristics of Autism - Is Your Child Suffering From Autism?

Is your child acting a little strange? Is he different from other children? Do you fear your child is suffering from Autism? If yes, it's high time you find out and save your child. Here is a list of behavior characteristics of autism. Go through it and find out if anything sounds and looks familiar. Children suffering from Autism usually:

  • Do not reach developmental milestones on time. This means that they learn to crawl, walk, talk etc much later than usual.
  • Do not talk. One of the physical characteristics of autism is that the child doesn't speak even after sixteen months, which is the extreme limit for a child to start speaking, at least a few words.
  • Do not make eye contact at all. Autistic children do not look at you when you talk with them nor look at the object you are pointing at. They just look past you or the object you are trying to point out to them.
  • Do not have or show any emotion, like smiling back or showing care when someone is crying out.
  • Like to stay and be left alone. They take everything literally and do not usually understand jokes or naughtiness of other kids. They are very straight forward.
  • They forget newly learned skills like speaking new words or some physical actions taught to them.

A child suffering from autism might not have all of the above mentioned behaviors. If you find your child has any one of the behaviors, then its time to take action.

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