Monday, May 14, 2012

ABA Therapy Treats the Whole Child and Not Just the Problem

When it comes to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, there are a wide number of treatments out there. From medications to control behavior to a wide array of therapies, there are many treatments that are designed to treat Autism. After many years, however, ABA Therapy is still the only treatment for Autism that many insurance companies will cover. The reason for this is simple. Not only is ABA Training the only method that is proven to work, but it is also a treatment that is designed to change Autism and your child and not just to mask or alter symptoms.
While medication may be necessary to keep a child from injuring themselves or others, many doctors use it in the absence of any other answer. ABA Therapy, on the other hand, effectively teaches new methods of behavior and teaches children appropriate ways to react to stress and other stimuli that create a safe environment. ABA Training teaches behavior and critical thinking skills among other things, but most importantly it treats the child rather than simply working to eliminate symptoms.
The symptoms of Autism that many parents find difficult to handle, such as self-injurious behavior and screaming are innate responses. Because Autistic children do not learn new ways to behave by observing their environments, behavior modification therapies such as ABA Training must be implemented to help them learn these basic skills. While medications and other methods may make a child to tired or afraid to act inappropriately, ABA Therapy serves to teach children appropriate responses that help them to express themselves and meet their needs in a safe and socially acceptable manner.
ABA Therapy is designed to treat the whole child. It has many functions, all of which are specially designed to help children with ASD learn to think independently and to literally learn to learn. Autistic children are remarkably intelligent, but many lack what is needed to help them properly express their thoughts and emotions. With ABA Training, these children are truly able to shine.
In all, ABA Therapy has long been the most accepted and effective treatment for ASD. While medication may be needed temporarily to keep a child safe from themselves, ABA Training can help teach them how to express themselves fully and safely. No child should ever be denied medication that is expressly needed, but parents of a child with ASD should consider ABA as a way to give their children a chance to realize their maximum potential as well as a way to help them live a life free of mood altering medications and as close to the lives of their peers as possible.
Garrett Butch is the father of a 6 year old with autism and the founder of Maximum Potential Group.
Maximum Potential has developed courses that train parents and school systems how to work with children with autism.
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